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poetry from you all types welcome.

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poetry from you all types welcome.

Time: May 21, 2009 to May 1, 2015
Location: pine apple
Event Type: poetry
Organized By: wolfgirl
Latest Activity: Mar 8, 2013

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this is the poem i wrote just come on here and show your side
of poetry.


the sound of a church bell,
the core of the crows,
a breezy hill side where no one goes.
The girl they say was laying in the grass watching sunset.
she looked to the sky thinking o-why.
her heart they say beat ever loud, but no longer proud,
the sound,
so lone, she sung for cheer.
the song still sang threw year and year.
the song stopped her heart sank.
after they say her parents drank.
found all alone at six am
the young girl could not hve tried again. the weeks to come her friends were glum of thourghts the girl. . . who died for none.

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Comment by george david holland on September 22, 2009 at 2:47pm
The wind,
Howls through the trees.
The night,
Is as dark as can be.

I’m creeping through the forest,
To get away from everyone.
The animal inside me rages,
It just wants to run.

The change ripples through my body,
As I let the animal free.
I take off running,
Like something’s chasing me.

I fly across the ground,
Bursting with speed.
I can’t control myself,
Now that the animal’s freed.

As soon as I’m at the top of the hill,
I howl at the full moon.
Realizing that if I don’t get in control,
Someone’s going to be dead soon.

I run all night,
Hoping morning won’t come.
But soon the sun’s up,
And my day is done.

bye george david holand
Comment by v.I.a. on August 16, 2009 at 12:24pm
My heart aches with an unrelenting sorrow that the rag doll's death remains in vain,
So in a final attempt to remedy her pain,
I send this greeting, and this praise,
In the hopes that her bloodied veil of heartache will soon raise.
Hush, hush rag doll baby. Sew your stitches, and weave a new life,
Not as the ragged doll but as the china marionette who holds her own strings.
Who conquers all strife,
And does not cry, but sings.

Comment by Autumn Stone on August 8, 2009 at 3:40pm
i myself think its horrible but my bro said he like it

-Lost Love-
Sitting sometimes
Running other
You start to think
Of all the times
He held u close
And told you he loved you
You imagine what would have happened
If it were true
Would you have said the sacred words?
Or tell him the truth
That you know where he goes
When your not around
And he never is
That you’ve seen her
And that you know her
And that your over him
And his rough antics and horrible manners
And said finally
Go shoot your f****** self
And die
In a h***
In the dark
Wishing I were there
But I wont be
Ill be with someone
That someone you may not know
Who loves me truly
And cant live without me
Comment by TheBrilliantOneInTheSky on August 2, 2009 at 9:05pm
This is a poem I wrote about a month ago, hope you like it!

She has dull grey eyes
That look like a stormy day
Her hair a bright copper
With hints of spun gold.
Her name means 'blind'
which suits her well.
She is blind of everything and everyone
She doesn't see how he sneaks around behind her back
She doesn't want to see
So she blocks it from her view
Not believing
Not seeing
Comment by BloodLust Vixen on July 26, 2009 at 3:31am
My Review for *A Vampire's Love* ((Viewable on my page - just add me))
Monday, June 29, 2009 at 1:22am | Edit Note | Delete

*A Vampire's Love*

She cursed the day she was born,
Her wasted life full of painful forlorn.
In the shabby old kitchen she tremblingly stands,
Watching the tossed crumpled newspaper as it lands.

Abandoned earlier on by her parents at such a young age,
An agonizing and lonely life of survival had set the stage.
For dirty and unscrupulous men to defile her body till she cried,
Taking every pounding and beating, leaving her with no sense of pride.

She had to endure the pain as the bastards paid her coin for food,
She was left with no other alternative, no matter how unjustified or crude.
With teeth chattering from the lack of heat she cannot afford, she stares at the plate that held her moldy bread;
But just as quickly, her attention now diverted on the kitchen knife as suicidal thoughts played in her head.

But however tempting and a perfect quick solution that thought might be,
Deep down inside she knows she's a coward, this much she can see.
She surveys her meager bed till her sad eyes landed on the makeup-smeared pillow - her tears onto it sewn,
Her demeanor now transformed into a hate-filled determination of a person who's heart was carved out like a cold stone.

Her indiscriminate self-pity didn't have a chance to stay very long,
For she needs to get dolled up for the night as her curse strings her along.
As usual, she makes her way to her normal post - hoping business tonight will be lucrative;
Unawares to her, a creature of the night immediately took his fancy, his wicked intentions secretive.

He unabashedly channels his penetrating stare onto her from where he patiently sits from across the street,
Suddenly she felt creepy, as if a jar of spiders fell to the ground and started crawling at her feet.
Hesitantly she looked over her shoulder at him, eyes wide and feral and crazed;
Because he was too beautiful, seemingly all powerful and perfect as she nervously gazed.

Panic starts to constrict her lungs as she notices him walking gracefully with such confidence over to her,
She never expected a strange emotion like this - from a mere man to set her heart astir.
But jump it did as she inhaled the divine sweetness of his unique smell,
Her senses reeling, she had to grab the post for balance; lest she fell.

He continued to peer persuasively into her sad and lifeless, yet beautiful dark eyes;
Soon it will not take long before she succumbs to his will as his prize.
A power which comes easily to him, one that cannot be denied;
Tonight she will eternally be his, as he claims her for his bride.

Not caring too much of what profession she fell into;
He has loved her for so long, watching her with l***** eyes held true.
It pained him to see the kind of life she lived, struggling day by day;
But he had to wait till her desperate hour came, waiting to save her before today.

Now that the time is here, he couldn't be any more happier;
She will rise above the darkness and in turn, meet her maker.
With this in mind, he wrapped her enthralled state beneath his cape;
And just like that, no one's the wiser for noticing their thin-air escape.

Materializing instantly into his centuries old vampiric lair,
He removes his cape from them and looks down to see her eyes covered by her hair.
He gently picks her up and places her fragile form on his bed to not disrupt her sleep,
Fighting for self-control now before walking away, he places his cold lips for a k*** upon her cheek.

She awoke dazed and confused and all alone - not caring where she's at,
Her head felt light and as if caught in a dream, her cognitive reflexes are slow to react.
Aroused beyond measure with heavy-lidded eyes and parted pouty lips,
She felt his t***** gliding upon hers and tugging with playful little nips.

Only this was not a dream, as he was truly there by her side;
Making love to her with his mouth, sending her senses on a wild ride.
On a
Comment by veronique on July 22, 2009 at 5:11pm
Tears from the rose
A silent night without a voice
A sparkle rose sweet aroma dancing in the air
A dripping sound of a leak ground
A shining moon sparkling the darkly rivers
A flash of your face appear in my mind
An eerie feeling inside of me
An eccentric feeling Subsequent me around from behind

The wind murmur saying your name in my ears
Comment by v.I.a. on July 14, 2009 at 3:09am
“I, your Shadow. You, my Light"
Hungrily they stare with their pale and sightless eyes.
They lure you toward your decimation with faux facades as their disguise.
With whispered promises their anger steals away into your fragile paper heart.
Barring tooth and claw they leave your insides torn apart.
Still you stand on failing limbs as they stare with no remorse, much less compassion.
They ghost in all around you in a most phantasmal fiendish fashion.
Whispered lies and snickers play across their water colored faces.
Among these blurring nightmares you of people belong not here of all places.
Blackened ink stained vines rise and bind you at their feet.
A cold and frigid hand against a pale and perfect face, a stream of tears fall to a rose’s petal clenched in hand. Tears of pain but not defeat.
When the hand comes again you tense, and await another sting.
Though hours seem to pass and you don't feel a single thing.
When you raise your eyes again you see now that the blurs have stepped away, their gaze upon the shadowed petal in your hand, whose form quivers and in the breeze takes wing.
The Wind gathers it up in its mothering arms and guides a flurry of ebon shards to join that single token.
The whispering of the winds words soothes your shrouded heart and mind when spoken.
In a swirl of ashen roses by the Wind's cyclonic serenade,
Is wrought a dark and shadowless figure as if born by the canopy's mighty shade.
There alone he kneels before the blurs, jet petals strewn about before him.
His dark features, a closed-latch book. An unreadable decorum.
At the velvet words that breached his lips the blurs from their pursuit they did withdraw.
Forged by his voice come birds of fire blue, and sharp of beak and claw.
Sent them, -the blurs- did he, this feathered tempest leaving searing scars and burning sores.
Sent then his gaze upon the frightened one of yours.
Sent he then, to you two whispered words, when given life do soar both black and white of feather, and upon gliding wings of four.
Birds of fire bright and dark flit about your head.
Their raining ashen plumage forming flaring flowers among the blurring burning dead.
Then kneeling down beside you, with a pen of fire in hand,
He scribes the word "die" across the vines that, when spoken turns them to ashen sand.
Drawing you up by your weak, but wary arms, the shadow -Me- leads you through this Savage Garden and its briars.
All the while I'm writing words and speaking birds, and every choral song your heart desires.
Dawn begins to fade and the Sun's rays begin their slumber 'til the morrow.
Beneath a moonlit sky my burning birds hold back your boundless sorrow.
And though I've not spoken a word all through this unrelenting night,
When you ask me who I am I trace the blazing words across your sight;

"I, my dearest love, am your ceaseless shadow. And you, my ever shining light."
Comment by veronique on July 10, 2009 at 4:50pm
Blind in our love
Pains pull us apart
Shatters losing fait
Dies can’t undo alive
Rose dry in twilight
Fades within its coolers
Dark as a shadows approach
Times can not erase
Lost within our eyes
Dieing alone softly and slowly
End be near without hinder
Comment by v.I.a. on July 8, 2009 at 4:30am
I live in a Dead Town, where most are dead or dying. The dying roam the streets, the dead flood them with their festering carnage. People are born here to simply die. No one is missed, all are forgotten. Not me. I live in Dead Town, but remember the dead, I am there to miss them, but there is someplace else in this Dead Town. A place where the fire from the skies, the rain of blood, cannot soak and the howls of the damned devouring each other cannot be heard. There is a place, where life exists. There is a door, a door in this town that belongs to no building, and has no frame to hold it up. It is hidden in an abandoned park in dead town, "10 Club Park" it is here that I gave the door a frame. It leads to the place where the sun and the moon collide, where the stars dance with shadows, where the world seems to have manifested itself on a single bedspread. It leads to a bedroom, with a cosmic patterned cover and pillows. There is a cat there, at the sound of my entrance she bounds off the pillows and to my feet purring and r****** my ankles affectionately, then there's her. The girl with the eyes of a stormy sky where the fire plays across the irises of the heavens. My love. We lay together for years at a time, she knows I love it when she purrs as her cat does, and does so as I gently stroke her goldish red hair back with one hand and cradle her gently with the other. Our k*** of goodbye stops time, though for not long enough. As I whisper "I love you." and she returns my words the door opens behind me and I walk out backwards toward the river of fire that this molten gazebo overlooks. The door closes and the realm in which I seek my refuge fades to my memory, and I continue to wander through this hellish reality that is Dead Town. Away from the door marked only by a phrase carved into it, a phrase in a dead language;
"Per lux lucis desum obscurum increbresco." "By light's absence darkness prevails." The girl with the eyes that set the sky to storm, the hair that rivals the sun itself in brightness and the the smile that makes the stars swoon. My dearest Jennifer, she is my light. Light of the Dead Town. You just need to open the right door.

Comment by Willow on July 5, 2009 at 9:51pm
As i cry you turn around,
Walking away, you don't care enough to try and stay.
You promised it wouldn't hurt but i feel like I've been stabbed,
Now I feel like its time to give up,
Everyone ends up hurting me anyway,
So why keep trying?
You stop trying, you stop getting hurt.
In the end its worth it right.

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