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Hello,Spyke here, just starting to stir up trouble again, or at least thoughtful conversation. . .Or at the very least just thought.

I am otherkin. this is a distinction that also belongs to anyone on this site who falls into the dragon,angel,demon,fairy, or therian groups. I just happen to fall outside of those, but that is no big deal. I can only hope that one day more sphinxes will find their way in.

But this is about being otherkin. It's about having the soul of something other than human. But mostly it's about the human.

there is an old line of thought that people meditate on. it sort of goes "If you dream you are a butterfly, how do you know you are dreaming? If you wake up, how do you know you are awake? It is plausible that you could be dreaming of a human being a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming of being human. How can you tell the truth of reality from the dream of reality?"

Being otherkin may affect you physically or not. For some, like vampires, the physical affect is apparent and immediate. This is not a lifestyle, but it is a way of being that a lifestyle has formed around. real otherkin are true to themselves. They have put in the hours of study, meditation, and self reflection. When all other explanations, physical, spiritual and psychological, have failed to solve the riddle of a soul that feels that it is something else, then it is plausible. Being otherkin is esoteric, but it trancends religion, nationality, creed, race, and gender. It has no basis in social hierarchy or income strata.

Ultimately an individual is the only type of human that can discover the nature of their own soul. Nobody can tell you what you are, and no movie or book or spell can nudge you into it. In the inverse, because of the highly individual nature the state of being, it is difficult for others to recognize it explicitly. You can tell people you are otherkin, but they must want to believe you.

Banding together as otherkin has risks too. a vampire 'coven' or 'house' might have a couple of real vampires, but they run the risk of accepting a whole lot of fettishists, poseurs, and joiners. With every vampire fiction book that comes out, a whole new crop of kids wishing they could be vampires bangs on the doors of covens everywhere.

Otherkin are not even more or less likely to practice magick. I know a fair amount of spiritual and magickal theory and law, but I do not practice. In fact, the reason I don't practice is *because* I am very aware of spiritual law. That has nothing to do with me bein otherkin, although being the type of otherkin I am lends me to an intuitive understanding of some spiritual things.

Humans are not less gifted than otherkin. In fact there are many humans who are quite a bit more powerful than a lot of us. My family has a long history of spiritual and psychic gifts, and it is a heritage that I share in, but I share in it as a human, not as an otherkin. I say that I am gifted with the heritage of my family *despite* being a sphinx-kin. being Sphinx-kin carries with it a lot of other things that are completely different from the heratage passed down genetically, and being otherkin is not passed down from generation to generation.

Otherkin don't have to follow the goth, emo, sk8r, furry or whatever, lifestyle. Ther eare some that *do* but it's a matter of style and preference. Most of us lead very normal, very milquetoast lives by the estimation of their own cultures and traditions.

Otherkin and humans are not at odds. There is no war brewing, no conflict starting. real otherkin do not despise humans. Otherkin recognize that whatever the state of their soul, their physiology and their psychology are human. there is no physical 'symptom' that an otherkin can express that on it's own can't be explained by a doctor. All of us must still get up and brush our teeth with the rest of the world.

You know, it is OK if you are human. It is even OK if you thought you were otherkin and then discovered that you were not after all. It is even OK if you really are otherkin and try your hardest to convince yourself that you are a pure human. Eventually the truth will out. That is all part of the learning and discovery process.

Eye readings cannot really tell you anything about kin type. People have shields, people have dynamic souls, people have different moods, different elements, different *things* going on. People can be good guessers. I encourage people who want to play this game of eye reading to put their eyes up with no explanation. Preferably before you become known on this site. People can do research about you. They can form opinions about you based on your writing and putit in as an eye reading. It's all a fortune teller does, really. She looks at the body posture, at the description of self, at the tone of the voice, the attitude, the position of the eyes and the dialation of the pupils, the position of the lids, the wrinkles on your face, the state of your grooming, the presence of tattoos and their type and position. She is a master at reading all of the subconcious nonverbal communication a person uses, and then funnels it into the medium she uses to tell your fortune. My final opinion on eye reading is. . .Even if a person could be completely accurate, and have a gift to say the absoule truth about the nature of your soul, if you do not know your own self, how can you tell that the person is telling you the truth? If you do know yoursef, why are you asking? If you are asking for fun, then why so serious?

Nobody can help you with the questions "who am I?" and "What am I?" the most we can do is tell you about ourselves. We can compare our own experiences and come together in groups if we have shared experiences. That is generally a good thing. As C.S. Lewis puts it: "Friendship is born at that moment when one person says to another: What! You too? I thought I was the only one."
HB talks about how very nicely right here: http://www.fairiesvampires.com/forum/topics/who-am-i-and-what-am-i

And now for the discussion portion of this rant. What you you all feel about being otherkin? Do you agree or disagree with this? And what experiences have youhad in your journey toward self discovery?

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I have to agree with this what you're saying. I don't go to fortune tellers or go for an eye reading... I've had fortune cookies - but those are just for fun and I don't take them seriously. I'm still trying to figure out what it is that I am - all I know is that my name is Rain Drop. That's just what' Tiamat's told me, she's my dragon.
so you believe what the diety of primordial chaos says?
That's just what they've called her.. if you remember the dragon Bahumat - he turned many against Tiamat and battled her. She may have torn the universe apart, but she was betrayed... I'm Tiamat's dragon rider. She's told me of the past... I didn't even know she was on earth before until Verne (a friend of mine - vampire) had me look her up.
wow because. . .so you actually ride a god? Which head is your preference? I always thought the white head would be the most comfy ride.

And for the record, I think you should readress this story. Bahamut (behemoth) is not a dragon, but a giant fish. I guess you can't believe everything the Wizards (of the coast) say
I like to ride all of the heads, but I'm usually in a saddle more. The white and red head is the most comfortable ones.

I'll ask her about it.. though.. I'm fairly sure it was a golden dragon who battled her.
ahhh. I'd heard that about the red head. I was only concerned about the red head because it's just so. . .well it has a lot of horns.
Yeah, there's some horns, but it's still comfortable. =)
Ah, Chuang Tzu's dream of the butterfly.
Can I say it is not just being "otherkin", but rather a "self-realization"?

My blood runs that of Aztec family.
However, that doesn't tell me anything.
I have dreams and turning points that might lead me to a "self awareness", but it may take a life time discover.
Yes absolutely! That was kind of the point of what I am trying to say. But in this context for some people being otherkin is part of that self-realization
Who is to tell if one is otherkin? As you stated,
"It is even OK if you thought you were otherkin and then discovered that you were not after all."
Mistakes can only make one crafty over time. It is better to say I "thought" rather than have not "thought" about it at all.

Personally, I feel it is not about being "human" anymore, but much more in a deeper sense. I would like to point out that the transgressions is also somewhat related to the elevation to "self-realization". For instance, segragation? By it I mean separation has to do with consciousness. Consciousness wants to make distinctions without which everything is in chaos. These are "myths". Therefore, they are "myths" of consciousness?

The same theme exists in Adam and Eve. They have transgress God's prohibition. After the transgression, the land of God and the land of "human beings" are separated. This is the story of paradise lost, but at the same time it is the one of the elevation of consciousness?

Niether God in the West nor the Goddess in the East want "human beings" to have their conciousness. They prohibit it. Yet, in spite of the God's suppression, "human beings" must have their consciouess? They break the prohibition at the cost of punishment, a Western's principle. However, if we look at the East, the Gods and Goddesses make a comprise instead of one punishing the other. I have no idea if anyone noticed, but there is a striking contrast between the symbols in the West and East. I found it surprising. The Western symbol mostly consists of "human beings" and while the East such as Japan use Nature. The story Rain Drop mentioned the "so-called" battle of Taimat I feel shares a Western influence. I have no intention of argueing that the lack of dragon fights in Japanese stories shows their superrority to Western's stories....
and the fact that Rain drop is totally making it up.
speaking of dragons i think it funny for someone to claim to be dragon when in my place dragons are always second to man


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