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I realized today that if someone I care about has a problem, I feel like I should be doing something about it, and I always think about it as well (my brain is ALWAYS jumbling with stuff, makes it harder for me to sleep)
Two out of Three friends, PLUS one sorta-friend, are depressed.
One gets raped by her step dad
One, a lot of people don't like her, are a**** to her
One, she gets SO much done, she's regularly achieving really high standards, yet her parents don't think she's good enough

Also I feel I should be doing something about this:
I found out not long ago my 17yr old sis smokes. She's 18 mid-december (which is when it's legal) and her bestie/my brothers ex also does and is 18 start of dec.
I know it's their choice but I really feel I should be doing something about it!
I s*** at talking about my feelings, and it'll be harder with my sis, cuz although we often get along now, when we were younger we 'hated' each other, and we have this thing, nearly 'against' admitting we love each other.

(Our family has never been one to talk about our feelings or tell each other we love them, which doesn't make it easier)

(p.s. if this is any help, I'm 15 in mid december, and, in NZ school system, I'm in year 10 (2nd yr high school) which is form 4) (EEP NCEA exams next year o_O)

(p.p.s. if this was hard to understand, I'm really sorry. Brain's still reeling, like always!)

UPDATE: Also recently my brother (who I so rarely see) said he smokes weed. It's only so he can sleep, because he can't really get to sleep during the day, and he works 11pm to 6am... he doesn't have a lot, just enough of the type to get him sleepy enough.. I don't think so (or maybe just strongly hope) that he won't get properly addicted though..

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You're thinking too much about other's problems.Everyone have problems,includes you. Instead of trying to help them,try first to help yourself
Thanks to both of you, I'm going to go to the cops on the way to school next time I bus (Thurs) but I think it's closed then so I'll try slip a not under the door, or stick it there.

The friend that few like, she used to be a scout leader (for free) but then they said they don't want her anymore, so I think she will hesitate to join a charity because of that.

The friend that's no good enough for her parents, she is trying to do alot of what she does for them, but she generally tries to ignore any bad (or missing) comments they make

And for the exams, this is for in New Zealand, so next year we have the big big exams, our yr9/10 ones are over

and FoxXxy, I think most of my problems are that my friends have problems, and homework. I always procrastinate, and that's something that takes a hell of a long time to do, and it's more just get work done sooner, not later...
Also, I've realised that I've not been as happy as I should be for years, but I don't tihnk it's quite depression.... Maybe it's just me not liking that my friends have problems

Also about to update it about my brother


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