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Can you tell me what are the traits of one? I've always been questioning my true purpose in life. I'm old enough to start being less naive and still I can't help but try to please everyone and do good. I have a lot of goals but music and finding the love of my life seem to outweight everything else.
I don't handle compliments easily because I'm not arrogant at all. People tell me they know I'm a good person with just looking at me.
I tend to draw people that like to take advantage of me. I want to believe in something real bad but I get confused to what's real and what's not. Do I believe in God or a supreme being, or in different energies...?
I don't know I try to be more malicious but I feel too guilty. I don't think I'm a vampire or lycan even though I get drawn to meet one someday, because I hate confrontation and get very nervous when people are fighting. Please bring some light into this for me. Thanks! Ask me if you want me to be more specific.

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To answer the topic question..
No, I don't think you can have a human/angelic soul. It just doesn't work.You can however, be a angel in a human body, as a shell, if you will. That is how most otherkin are.
I know about 3 angels really. No offense, but I really don't think you are one. I could be wrong, especially without a pic or eye pic, but just because you draw people that like to take advantage of you, which most angels are very strong and independant and get rid of them in a new york minute... there are just certain things that make an angel. Like I said, most angels, you can FEEL a presence even in their writing, I don't feel that here.
When you ask for help, you are showing your vulnerable side. I thought there were good and bad angels. Help!
I really need to know what am I apart from my human side. How can you help me with this? Are there some key questions that I could answer and you can help?
I've really never heard of a human being anything else besides a human.
You have a human shell, yes, but whenever you awaken, that shell is modified, depending on your souls strength.
It makes no sense. If you think you are human, then you are probably a human. Angels are very strong and independant. Like I said from the way you write, it doesn't seem like you are an angel to me.
If you REALLY want to know, put a pic up. With an angel you can see their aura, or shine a mile away. At least I can. I know when someone is an angel.
there's a pic in my page but you have to be a friend first.
Angels are a soul that inhabit a human body. You can't just have angel in you. You're angel or you're a demon. Simple. It is a lot more complicated than that, but just for argument's sake, you can't be an angel if you're part human. You can't have half a soul.. or part. It is not a race or gene really. It is just... a SOUL.. Unless you got changed into an angel *you can't* there is no way you can have a mixed soul. Even with people changed into a vampire that is a demon, they are compatiable. So they will combine, and the soul will leak its energy. Simple. So anyways, I will leave it at that before I really confuse someone here.
Yeah, I have back problems too. I don't know it's just something that you can't explain that's inside you. I've always felt different. Someone read my aura once and said it was light blue with white.
I'm leaning towards that I may have a strong and special angel with me.
Actually.. I will let Abaddon handle this. He will explain it better.
Marian, just because you have a "light blue/white aura" just means that you are emitting a lot of energy for that day, along with being pretty...erm.. innocent feeling. Angels are NOT not not not not innocent.
Just to let you know, you either have an angel soul, or nothing. That is how it is. Simply put. You can not have an angelic soul as well. Sorry, but you would die. Fun huh?

So, just because you have back pain means nothing... I have backpain and I am a lampades, I suppose I am an angel too? I think humans and oherkin alike, look at things too much if we really want something. I know some angels, and it is NOT all what you think it is. *sigh*
Neither one of you guys possess a light to be compared to an angel's aura. Not to mention every angel on earth right now, is fallen.
So there would be painful memories, pain in general, and a bunch of other things if you were to awaken. Most people on this site are prob.nothing. No offense to a lot of people on here.
There are only a few otherkin, because if everyone was something, then it would be horrible O__o. So what I am trying to sy is.. you're reading too much into everything, and I'd let it drop....no offense to anyone..
I don't know what a lampade is so...yeah.
I know there's something special in me and like you said we don't have to believe in what people say in here, so thanks for your opinion!
I just wanted to know what people thought about it.
I believe that angels stay in heaven where they belong. Well except in spiritual form.
Well,i guess to be honest,i don't think you can be both at the same time,sorry to burst your bubble.....
Angels can be born into human hosts. Wish craft and healing are gifts that are given to us by birthright. There are many of us out in this world. The fallen are our dark brothers and sisters. There are many choirs as well to know your choir will help you understand your birthrights.

There are also half bloods, the Nephilim.

Walk in the holy light and my your angelic light guide you path.


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