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im wondering why alot of vamps on here hate humans so much? what did we do for u to hate us so much?

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well, to speak for myself, no. I don't hate them and for a while i was dating one. Humans are really interesting to me and others i know. Some other vampires that are more into the older cultures and traditions think that all humans will reject us and attempt to hurt or kll us off. But personally i know many, and they are totally fine with the fact im a vampire. So, no, not all vamps hate humans
o, just wondering..cuz there those disscussions on here where their like oh, i hate humans for this reason...and it not a vary good reason to hate us...it just make mr kinda sad. lol :)
that s**** that people are sooo open to hating humans and i really have no idea why... they did nothing to me or friends or yea... some vamps are just very weird. i mean, i act more human that vamp sometimes! LOL i dont know why i think its just fun! XD
lol its all good i always look like am idot lol :) lol
hey that sounds like a goood idea!!! Wait, but i don't think my brain can hold that much info... sorry im a bubblehead when im hyper
lol :) nice. XD
jeezzz, i no all that. but not all humans want 2 be vamps...i mean i dont so u cant just put all humans in one little group and say they r all like that.
ok sorry. it just upsets me. :(
Chapter from the Vampire House Batinflight...founder.... tony,
posted 02/24/08

Words of an Elder

Today I lost myself only to find my self once more, as i was having a bad day I started getting upset and hating everyone and everything, and did not want to be a part of the world, and wanted to stay in my own world,

As I talked about the world and man kinds negativity towards it, I came to understand that I was adding just more by being negative my self, understanding at that point that unless we are a positive part of our world we can not survive, for that world teaches us there how to put the positive into the negative, since there is much negativity in the community and it needs no more, ..

and so learning from and accepting the world that judges us is a must for our survival in every day life, and we need to always look at the hate ,anger, love, joy, fustrations, laughter and other human emotions as a positive thing, for it is those things that keep us sane,.......hugs and k***** ......tony
aw, sad. :(
yeah i guess...i mean it wood be hard to feed on something u love. :)
No, infact it makes it easier to feed on something u love not harder,for if you dont love what your eating how can you enjoy it, I think you may have missinterpated Abaddons whole veiw of humans in genaral not on a one on one basses...The indavidual is not the specieis...


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