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ok so i was talking to one of my friends whos a vampire the other and i had ask him what kind of blood do u drink. he told me that he drinks his own. and i want to know y do some vampires drink their own blood(thats if theres any that does). and if anyone does, is it good?

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its an act of desperation, it makes things worse, but some are addicted to the taste. The reason people eat is that they need to intake the things that they are lacking in terms of nutrition. its the same way for vampires. their own blood has everything they lack and so its practically useless to them, but a starving one or an ignorant one might try it and get hooked. they need to stop that.
ur were help my friend and i thank u for that.
Not really. It is only done when no other resources are around, and when we are terribly thirsty. As SPyke said, it is an act of desperation, and is completely useless to the vampire. Think about a human eating it's own flesh. It is only worsening the situation.
Vampires drinking our own blood is like a human consuming their own feces (sorry to be so blunt). There is nothing to be gained except the memory of what is really needed.
its ok. ur not being that blunt
Yes, I completely agree. Drinking our own blood is like a last resort.
When my coven house is traveling we sometimes have to consume our own blood.
I drink my own blood

When you thirst blood Your have this striking pain run through your body so you have a choice to stop what your doing to drink someone elses blood or Just cut your Self or Bite Sef and drink your Blood

Drinking your own blood is good for you
As long as its blood
Some Vampires dont have a change to get many blood from others so they drink their own to ease their hunger, ur own blood isnt as good as someone else's blood, but hey its good enough to make u hold for a while if ur in a really big need :]
Also some vampires dont like hurting other people so they drink their own blood or blood from places they can find (Blood donations etc).

Hope i was of aid :]
Hahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahhahaha it would be a dumb thing to do if ur a vampire,
inside a vampire he/she has every single orngan and artery as a human does but they function better than a humans or worse it kinda depends. Which makes the blood much much different from a humans, it doesnt mean he cant drink it but it juswont help him but slowly pioison him with an overdose making him lose control of his boddy and finally go crazy.
see what i mean, but we part vamps could actually drink a bit of our blood since it has a bit of human DNA
Agreed, ur own blood drives u to madness i know by experience :x
But hey its better then nothing sometimes. :[
What we need is more Blood giver's ^_^ even if we gotta force them :]
I am not a vampire but I am curious, is it possible for a vampire to feed from a person without killing or changing them. I don't like the idea of being cattle, but if it were possible for a vampire to just snack once in a while from donors without the risk of changing their donor into a vamp that wouldn't seem to bad. It would be the same idea as donating to a blood drive.


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