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do you think it is wrong for a man to hit a woman????

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yea thanks just helping proveing a point to men who hit weman.... sorry but i hate guys like that....

well when you let a man hit you for the first time they thank they can do it and abuse you.... i seen so meany women get abused by men my h*** life so i feel strongly about it and i hate men like that so much.?.

thanks for proving a point for me


well i dont really want to get anything started that to me it is wrong......just and oppion

yes it;s wrong but then again so is violence...

well men tell me they want to kick my a** and this one guy tock it to far and did so im so strong about it

 Yes. I think its wrong. Men in general are stronger than a woman physically. :/ Its the same with women who hit men. People shouldnt be hitting people to begin with. D:

yea i completly understand where your comeing from

Not good for anyone to hit anyone... well, except, like in Vanuatu, if the cops beat someone a bit before throwing them in a cell... Such a low crime rate there. But still, it's not good. At all.
yea i understand

not trying to be a sexist but OFFCOZ its wrong coz a woman wont stand a chance against a man in physical fight especially if it is all focus in brute strength ^^ 

yea well when i got in a fight with this one guy i beat his a**


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