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Don't you hate it when your talking to someone and all of a sudden they appear to be offline

Ugh I hate when that happens

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Oh wow lol its alright at least you say good bye
Yeah lol
omg yes !!! im just like wtf ohh helz naw !! ^_^ but yeah i say bye most of the time
I know right, your talking to someone and your waiting for the reply when you notice they are offline
you have no idea....lol

theres a guy i talk to online, and he does this ALL the time. we'll be smack dab in the middle of a conversation and he just randomly goes offline. doesnt try to come back...just goes offline. drives. me. BONKERS. hehe. i feel your pain everyone! :D
theres a reason for that :L. joking but seriousley i do it when dad comes online.
If I really don't want to talk to someone, I go invisible... then just keep talking to the people I was talking to until they go offline.. LOL. That normally happens when I get pissed at someone though.


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