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There was a 7.1 earthquake where i live, down in the middle of nowhere, southern hemisphere, earth, blah blah
yeah it was spooky, at 4.36 in the morning... They say it was (or maybe was) one earthquake triggering another two, cuz they still don't seem to know quite where the epicentre was (that's the point directly above where the actuall earthquake, happened. That makes me feel smart, that I know that... learning about it in science at school haha)

Buut... yeah, I was wondering if anyone heard about it on the news and when, (and maybe their country just so I can see how long to took for the news to reach the planet)

and here's some sites with pics (one site has info)

http://www.crashbang.co.nz/quake040910/index.html (pictures only)
http://www.stuff.co.nz/national/4096872/Rain-may-force-evacuations-... (stuff .co.nz, it's got info as well)

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I think I heard it on the news some time yesterday night. (I am in england btw).
oh yepp... had a look at the pics? I was at dad's, technically out of chch, and no houses were damaged, though the bent railway line was round there somewhere... It was mostly, in some places sand/silt coming up from the roads + stuff falling off shelves/cupboards (in rolleston. you can see most of actual christchurch in the pics)


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