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I might just say now, I'm not trying to advertise facebook... A hell of a lot of people would have already heard of it anyway.
I'm slightly more on the 'against facebook' side, even though I got an account... I don't go on much though

Anyway, there's this one thing I found (or 2) About how "FaceCrook" is bad....
Here they are, but just as a warning they are REALLY long... (and a couple things are a little stupid, but the account deleting thing... well, read for yourself if you're bothered. Later I might give a basic idea of the account deleting/deactivating thing though)


(PS just again, I'm not trying to advertise any site. Honestly, though I have found alot of sites I like, this is my fave.... Not just saying that either)

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facebook has no means of privacy if you do something everyone knows about it
I like Facebook. I think it's a good place to talk with friends and family while you play games, anwser questions about others, take fun quiz's to find out what you are just for fun and just mess around =D
when it comes down to it, facebook is pretty awful lol. they dont really take care of your info, it gets sold to 3rd parties or just made available in general, they have a lot of issues with glitches that affect privacy, and theres a lot of people that think the CIA has control of it and they use it to spy on the population. i dont doubt that theory for 1 second either...but im on it, i find it amusing, i like to keep in touch with my friends, play games, etc. but i do also use it to taunt whatever government officials are watching me :P haha


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