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I'm just curious, who likes what better?

(And please do NOT comment if you haven't read both. You can say you like one, or you've read the first book of one and would prefer the other etc, but Don't comment otherwise if you haven't read MOST of the FIRST book of one)

Also, can people list reasons why HP is better than Twilight, or Twilight better than HP? And try your BEST to not repeat what someone already said...

I've put 2 questions on here, which you like better, and reasons why it's better.

Also, people ARE intitled to their opinion. Don't be a total a****** just because you don't like someone else's opinion. Yes, you can inform them of why you don't agree, but be bloody well nice about it!

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I like Harry Potter better, though I must say I don't hate Twilight... I just don't like it that all the OTT fans (does anyone ever still use OTT anymore, or do they now say the proper, over the top?..) seem to think it's real, ruin their relationships with their bf/gf because of it, or just start halfway screaming if they hear the name/word Edward or Twilight or whatever (that last part might be a bit of an exaggeration, but still...)


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