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Guys, Guys...GUYS! I'm really bored! hahahahaha! We should totally talk in this discussion about EVERYTHING and nothing! hahahaha! HELP ME WITH MY BOROM

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bla! to u to
aww, lols i'm bored too...
I just did my makeup. I look smexxi. lolol
You want things to do, or just to talk? lol
to talk! :3
Don't tell but I am meant to be asleep right now, although there is less than 1 and a 1/2 hours till I have to get ready.

Oh and I have two tests today.... never mind it is only biology and physics (AS).
good luck arrr you need it!!! arr
Biology I will be fine, but for physics... I am screwed lol.

Its only a 10-11 hour day (including traveling and college) so I might want a coffee in a bit. XD
I love physics!!! xDDDD

Is it the laws of Physics that is giving ya problems?
Nah all of the laws I am fine with (I hope), it's remembering all of the UVAST equations and to use which equation with what.... I will get there in the end lol

Anyway, I am sure I can do physics if I just push myself and work at it. I mean I did pass GCSE and now I am doing AS, so it is meant to be a step up, right?

But hey man how are you? XD


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