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Guys, Guys...GUYS! I'm really bored! hahahahaha! We should totally talk in this discussion about EVERYTHING and nothing! hahahaha! HELP ME WITH MY BOROM

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Yes, lets hope *crosses fingers*

Wicked! and you right. You are smart and I am sure you can pass for sure Anne :)

I am superb like a lean mean green machine :PPP Thanksgiving is around the corner this Thursday and can't wait to reunite with the family once more. Right now, just chatting away with my girlfriend :)

How are you and your weekend? xPPP
I'm okay, although I am hungry so I will have breakfast soon and maybe a cup of tea, of coffee... too many choices (haha just as I typed choices my iPod started playing the song Choices.)

My weekend was... productive in college work :S

Wow where have the weeks gone it seems like the other week it was Halloween and now thanksgiving is coming up (although we British do not celebrate it).
Breakfast is the most important meal of the day :) Your ipod must know what music to play :PPP Would be scary if ipods can now think for themselves :PP

Ha, was it too much work? Try not to over load yourself with too much work now.

Its fast, time passes by so fast, Is there a Holiday you guys have that we don't in the USA, besides independence day? :)
did you get the coffee yet, i have water right now arrr
omg me 2 D:
i hate being bored but i almost always am ].[
i shouold be studying but that is even more boring!!
mmmmee to! bordom is a normal thing in my life. :p lol XD
howdy! :D boring and boring! yesh! my thanksgiving was better then my black friday though! how was urs?!
lol Xp i didnt ether but i think thats kinda a duh. lol XD sounds awesome! :F
yes? hahahaha
i lost my tooth today....i guess i ate too much candy............
oh, my. O.o


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