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here lately I have been very attracted to magic and witch craft. I also see things before they happen, but I don't know how. It's like I have a seventh sense or something. It is hard to explain. I have dreams about things that might happen tommorow, most of the time they do happen exactly how I have dreamt them.

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Umm you would know your a witch when you choose to be a witch. Alot of people think that they can be born a witch which isnt nessarly true. You could have a witch in your family BUT that does not mean you are and actual witch yourself.
This is something you choose to do and you study to be and you WANT to, LOVE to be.
Umm the other things such as dejavu well you might possess powers.
im going to have to disagree with the above posts. anyone can practise craft. that doesnt necessarily make you a witch. that makes you a practitioner of craft. witches are born not made. and we do not have a choice in the matter. if you are recently attracted to the craft i very much encourage you to pursue it! the more you learn, the more things will start to make sense and you will know if you are on the right path.
and i really do mean that we do not have a choice. i have been a witch my whole life. i didnt like the idea when i was younger and tried very hard to suppress that part of me. i was unable to, because it just kept coming back to me whether i wanted it or not. eventually i learned to embrace it, and now i wouldnt have it any other way. but you do not choose to be a witch. being a witch chooses you.
maybe they haven`t found it yet
oh right my bad
*sigh* i wish i knew my family history, you're very lucky to have that info available :D...im adopted...and i wasnt given any choice, which would lead me to believe that its something that has run in my family for a long long time...but i'll never really know for sure...
Sometimes knowing is worse though, my family was highk ranking under one of the worlds worst dictators (Im german)
funny my entire family were gunned down by germans in romania and only a few escaped to the uk
So you choose to be a witch and (ding) you become one? I want to be a witch but i dont now how to become one... What did you do?
your thinking someone gifted, that's/ different from a witch
I really don't know what is going on but want to follow the ways.
i agree everyone can be a witch if they just want to take the effort and it is really just much about manipulating energy to your will that is the "magic" about it
its a choice.....


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