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I'm a human and I think its good to be a vampire...
can anyone give me atleast a brief information on how to becoming a real vampire

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ok. i'll explain as much as i can. you would have to first find a REAL vampire that would be willing to turn you. you are more likely to win 100 million dollars in the lottery than to find a vampire willing, or able, to do this. i've never met a vampire who would be willing to turn a human without very good reason. humans rarely will be turned if they are mated to the vampire, or if the vampire wants something from them...now, if in the almost impossible event you happen to find a real vampire willing to turn you...you would then have to be able to physically survive the change. which you are also very unlikely to be able to do. the change is BRUTAL. its not quick like it is in the movies and in books. its not a 3 day ordeal like what Bella in twilight went through. a real physical change from human to vampire can take MONTHS. and its awful and painful. i've heard it described as having your insides ripped out and then shoved back in. there is a lot of severe abdominal pain. there is a lot of muscle and joint pain. some days you wont even be able to move without pain. most of the humans vampires attempt to change die. their bodies are unable to handle the shock that the body goes through, and they die before they become a vampire. i say to let the dream go. it would be incredibly unlikely that you would find one in the first place, let alone one that would be willing to change you. and if you did find one willing...you would almost certainly die.
......wes lol
Or you could just call us parasites.... you odd sometimes wes...
spreken ze english? krus?
Parasite is often and terrible insult to a vampire. .. so ill define it for you and why its not so
Biology. An organism that grows, feeds, and is sheltered on or in a different organism while contributing nothing to the survival of its host.
One who habitually takes advantage of the generosity of others without making any useful return.
One who lives off and flatters the rich; a sycophant.
A professional dinner guest, especially in ancient Greece.

pred·a·tor (prd-tr, -tôr)
1. An organism that lives by preying on other organisms.
2. One that victimizes, plunders, or destroys, especially for one's own gain.
1. (Life Sciences & Allied Applications / Zoology) any carnivorous animal
2. a predatory person or thing
n predator [ˈpredətə]
a bird, eg a hawk, or animal, eg a lion, that attacks and kills others for food.
adj predatory
living by attacking and feeding on others a predatory animal.
bit difference para sites latch on and stick with you ...
Vampires do not.
D. ,.
...unless you marry him/her....

shes not a vamp as her "vamp" was killed but its funy when some one dies here you you just disapear, so im curious as to where she heard the story.. perhaps it was his game , that he knew he was going to have to deliver ... so instead he killed his charecter off with a little myth and magik

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In the Inuit mythology of the Labrador and Hudson Bay coasts, the Adlet are monsters that drink blood. They are the offspring of a woman and a red dog. Five of the woman's ten children were dogs who crossed the seas to engender the European races. The other five children were the monstrous Adlet. The offspring of the Adlet are known as the Erqigdlit.
[edit]Additional information

The Adlet, based on Alaskan Inuit legend, is a bloodthirsty race of canine-like hominids which are said to be the offspring of an Inuit woman’s unnatural mating with a ferocious giant red dog. The woman became impregnated with this creature's offspring, to later gave birth to ten fur-covered, canine-like children.
According to said legend, the terrified Inuit woman sent five of these children across the sea, where they sired in what the Inuit referred to as the white races. The remaining five children are said to have stayed close to the mother’s home, where they slowly developed into vicious, cannibalistic warriors. The offspring of this woman are also known as the Erqugdlit.
The carniverous Adlet can be classified as a member of the Hybrid species. Its size and weight are completely unknown. Its primary way to move around is Bipedal Walking. In this instance, this creature could be considered a member of the humanoid classification. The environment in which lives in is also unknown. Although the legend of the Adlet is surely based purely in mythology, some researchers have linked this tale to European legends of the Werewolf.

Steiger, Bud, The Werewolf Book, The Encyclopedia of Shape-Shifting Beings, Visible Ink Press, copyright 1999 ISBN 1578590787
i have the big werewolf book hey it only cost 2.99 from borders so i got it and i got the vampire book for 7.99 from there too, thats mostly interesting.
not sure its goos that she has her hot mail in the posting ... in her level of desperation she is liable to be taken advantage of..
D, ,
now there are multiple vampire types but the most common you will find emphatically will say, that you can only be born a vampire, but there has always been some truth to every myth and many of the myths have always surrounded the "communicability" of this condition. while detectability is always a factor few realize it is something you can pass, potency is the only cause for alarm and types . some have definitive benefits (i think i might be showing my age, ... let me breaking it down for the kids)

you would have to be a certain types of vampire, then you would need to be old enough to make some one strong enough, otherwise they would be weak a** vampires, also if you were too old then there is the only issues of the state the new vampire is going to be in.
the process is mostly painful, the non pleasant part can last for years,
you have to remember this turning and changing is something meant to change you from something human to something more than human, more efficient while having a few definite draw backs.
the beginning of the turning is the great ordeal the issues where you cannot function where time would have no meaning, the only thing that exists is pain this main ordeal an be gotten through in one night, or the turning may be drawn out or given in transfusions or infusion, where you would have the blood transference given over time, but this begins there is not really any way to go back...
(but the for lack of a better word ) you would still be evolving, as a vampire you are in a constant state of flux, even if you are not feeding properly. 9this type of vampire and turning only applies to the blood drinker, though a hybrid can pass the thirst on) they call some of these incomplete turnings sympathetic vampirism
this is a taboo subject that most in the New community don't believe exist...
though there is mention of turning rituals in many houses, and there are blood bondings and initiation into many houses,,
if you find a independent vampire. that takes you as their apprentice. you are making your self some what of a slave and a child... until you are released , you are their responsibility, this is the same if you are awakened, by some one else ,also referred to as turning . ...

even descendants thought possessing a fraction of the ability and power of the original is still in this flux , and the thirst is the main aspect that drives every true vampire .
All accrues over time, this is why these quotidian vampires, begin to lose their energy satiated ability's and find that only blood will satisfy their thirst...
every aspect of this is painful . if you are even one of these vampire 2,o (provided you are the genuine article, you will suffer for not feeding)
going with out or being a gluten both of these things force the evolution to some extent one is no doubt more painful than the other, but as it also works in the way of addiction you may build needs that go beyond your sustaining of this condition, while making things worse , losing control.
you might only be in danger if you are being fully turn all at once by some one who is not old enough or sure what they are doing , part of this might involve accidently bleeding to death , and shock
many don't know this but losing more than a pint can cause you to go into shock...
its also hard to think about how some stupid kid might take too much of my information and try to put it to use when they them selves are not a vampire, i don't advocate a hastily turning, in the first place,
any one who says your cute and wants to turn you (like in the movies) its never something surrendered too quickly it is a serious decision, nothing to be made out of haste,
so some one who does not know you who wants to turn you , you might have to ask them, why they would want to turn you ... this is something that might require dating for a while, or getting your self into a house puts you in a bit of servitude and such.
during this time everyone should be sharing all the cons ...
if you are close enough to a vampire you will learn how it s**** almost first hand
being a vampire ... really S****!!
D, ,
I agree on some accouts, and on others I do not. Personally, I rather enjoy vampyrism. Yes, in some ways, it is a bit unfortunate. But in others... Who could turn down Milenia's of knowledge? A knowledge so deep people are drawn to you without knowing it, l***** you without reason, and begging at your feet. Not to say that I really enjoy any and all of those things, but some are... "perks". In my opinion, which is confided with much trial and error over the years, there is no true way to turn someone who is human into one of us. Sure, you can awaken something inside them- but if it was not there in the first place, there is no hope for getting it. On the other hand however, there are many different "types" of vampyres. To be a Sang (blood drinker) most are Awakened (that is what others would call a "turning") and will lust for blood, even become restless with huger and do things they would normally not do on accounts to get it. Other vampyres like "psi", pathic, or elemental feed on energy, and I believe that can be awakened in many people. Now you get to types like Pranic (sexual feeding) and "lifestylers", both of which enjoy many things, and often are drawn to Sang vampyres, and are usually just a type of fetish. I have never encountered any true vampyres that have physically been turned. Yes, the change from human to vampyre (as you are being Awakened, it can take months- even years) is one of the most difficult experiences of my life, and yes- feeding does become an issue when I cannot get what I need, but on no accounts am I going to say I have fangs or immortality. Immortality is in perspective, however. My soul lives on forever, but my bodies do not. In my opinion, that is, in a way, immortality. Vampyres can often confuse humans with false desires and promises, making them think this is what they want and will become, but in truth you cannot Awaken something that doesn't exist.
Believe me or not, it makes no difference to me.
I hope you gained some knowledge from this.

- Rowan
not only do most die but vampires dont only change any human popping up to say " hi i wanna be like you" vampires are extreamly selective not only to humans but to there own kind as well. there like cats, if your not family theyll bare there fangs if you dont tread lightly. over the years they were forced to make vampires but whether or not you believe or not they do mate, and there are born vampires, they age just like humans, the only thing undicernable to the n**** eye that would give a vampire away is simply there blood, they dont get sick as often if not at all, and in human life there is just no way especially now with all the vampire hype to reveal true vampires, honestly its quite brilliant. In any facit they in many ways would have to seek you out and in that way would you have a remote chance of actually being turned. the closest you may get is being a possible donor at most. YOU would have to peak THERE interest and that is harder than playing russian roulette with a gun that has no bullets.
you're the only other person i know that has said here that they're like cats. i made a comment about that a while ago, they're quite "feline" in many ways :) and i very much agree with your post Brandon!
I'm constantly saying we're like cats.

We know others exist, but unless we need food (or some sort of knowledge), we really don't like socializing for very long periods of time.
well its nice to know that im not the only one who seems to make that connection, or association! :D


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