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I have a friend that always wanted to be something special and I thought that the best thing is to be a fairy.The problem is...I don't know how to do it,so I am asking the experts for some advice

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I've never even heard of someone being changed into a fairy. I think it is genetic, just like a Therian, or a Vampire. Of course I could be wrong, but if you really want to ask this question, you might want to go to the group The Fairy realm group.. I can't remember the proper name. It would be the best place to ask. Most Fairies go on there anyway.
Demented Lampades is correct you cannot become a Faerie you are or you aren't. The best a human can do is to be lucky enough to become a lover of a member of the Faerie aristocracy.
i'm not a fairy
Then how were you planning on turning her into a fairy to begin with.
I hoped that you would told me that :D
Fairies were born as a fairies.
Fairies aren`t vampires, who can change human to live their lifes as a vampires.
Human can`t change into fairies, but I know someone who know a way to change fairy into human...
:D Listen,you've got it all wrong.I am a vampire,but I want to know how to turn so I can TELL her how do to it,it's not for me,but I see that things doesn't turn the same as with vampires,sorry to bother you all ;)
i don't think you can turn a human into a fairy i think they are just born fairies sorry
you cant just change someone into a fairy u have to be born 1 srry but thats the way it is
I don't care what all these people have told you. I've read far too many faerie books to be wrong and I've done far too much research on this topic to think these dumbasses are right.

... Humans CAN become faeries if 1. You eat faerie food[you must find where faeries hang out though] or 2. They somehow get involved with a faerie that is powerful, such as a monarch[prince or princess,king,queen.etc] but that will end up leading you back to #1 because the faerie might want you be stay with them in the faerie realm.

By the way, Some humans already ARE faeries. They are called changelings. Changelings are faeries that are used to swap out with a human baby so faeries can steal the human child. Changelings can not know they are faeries for years and be persuaded to think they are human. The only way to see through the glamour[magic] is to break the glamour on the changeling which is usually done by touching 4 leaf clovers or by looking through a holey stone. One sign of being a changeling is metal burning/rash. All faeries can be poisoned/burned by metal.

I don't think your friend should become a faerie though even if she somehow finds faeries and eats their food. She might not be able to return from the faerie realm if she becomes one and that might make you desperately sad.

I bet she would feel just as special if she could see them. If you look through a holey stone[also called a Hag stone. It is basically a stone with a whole in the middle that was caused by running water. FRESH WATER. NOT SALT]
its said you would be able to see faeries by looking through the holey stone and turning it slowly.

You can also attract them by leaving gifts of milk and honey outside and bread.
You're going by the myths. There's a reason why it is called a myth, because it is mostly fictional.
A fairy, is a person who is born with the soul of a fairy long ago. No one can be a fairy because they would have to be BORN with the soul of a fairy. You can not become one.
This, for the most part... but basically you'd have to be stolen and taken to their realm. After being there for a lot of time, you can become "fey", but it's more so like a disposition from the environment than a DNA change or something.

In this situation, you would probably not be able to return home at all. Basically say goodbye to everyone you love, you're not coming back.


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