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I don't know, lately I feel like I have angel wings on my back, it's uncomfortable to lay down or sit, or if people bump into me...

Sometimes if I flap them my astral body will lift out of my physical body, not all the way though, just partially as of now...

I'm a psychic vampire, not a fallen angel or therian or whatever, right? Or am I just going insane? ]_>

Ok, here's something I can relate to:

Qouted from koju on the werewolf subforum

Phantom Shift- This can be a privilege or a major annoyance. Phantom shifting is when characteristics of the phenotype manifest themselves on the body, but are invisible to the living eye. When a limb is severed or amputated, the amputee sometimes swear that their limb feels like it is still there. This is mind using years of muscle memory, and is still sending messages from the severed nerves. Similarly, your phenotype can send messages to your mind for limbs that do not exist. The most common characteristics associated with phantom shifts are fur, ears, and tails. Sitting on a phantom tail for the first time is certainly not pleasant.

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Another thing that confuses me is that when I look at my energy, there's a lot of energy coming out of my back. I was looking at my aura in a mirror, and I saw these things coming out of my back that looked like wings, and I thought "Eh?? What are those??" Then I remembered the wings. I think I might be crazy or something, since I can't have anybody else look at my energy. I'm the only psychic/psivamp in my area as far as I know, so really, there's nobody that can help me/relate to me. \
i have phantom wings too. i can feel them a lot, but i seem to be getting better at controlling it all. they may not necessarily be angel wings, they could be other creatures, like the fae, and of course dragons have wings hehe. im not entirely sure how i can control when they're there or not...its like i control the energies, and i'll sort of push them out when i want them, and then retract the energies when i dont want them..same with all my phantom parts, like the claws and tail and stuff.
Yeah, they could be something else. Sometimes they seem more like fae wings than angel wings, but most of the time they're covered in feathers... They draw in energy like the rest of me, so I'll try to do something so they stop s****** in energy, that might make them less noticeable...

Gosh, I tried asking this on another site, and I kid you not, 4 pages of trollers in 20 MINUTES!!!!!
lol i hate trolls. and if i find one on this site being a jerk to my friends i'll follow them in every discussion i can just to keep reiterating my point that their behaviour is not appreciated here. some like to argue and they will...to the point of being banned...some change their tune and become really great active site members, and some just go away :) lol
i have wings but mine r not that annoying u just need 2 learn how 2 use them
How exactly would you "use" them?
well its mostly volentary but every blue moon its involentary like if i walked of a cliff with out having them spread they spread on there own unless i stop them or if i do it before hand -flaps wings strenching them-
Any who...
Well, I put the angel thing in the back of my mind for a little while, but it has just recently resurfaced... and probably won't sink to the back of my mind ever again ...

Well, me and my bff were using the ouija board. We were just asking random questions, how old are you? Are you attached to a person or place? It happened to be attached to my father.
I asked it if there were any psi-vamps in the room, it said yes, there were 3. Me, my bff, and my father. It wasn't super surprising that it said I was a psi-vamp (a bit more surprising for my friend and dad, however) at the moment.I also asked if there were any otherkin, it said yes, two. My sister's friend, he named as a wolf therian. He spelled out my name, and said I was an angel therian. I had suspected this for a while, but like I said, I had put it in the back of my mind. Now that it has been resurfaced, it's a big shocker, especially since it was revealed to my family and friends. Well, I did some research, and there are supposed to be wards and binds around angel incarnates to disguise their power and "identity." So, I don't know how the spirit could've known, a subconscious thing of sorts? But then why did it identify my sister's friend as a wolf therian, when my sister's friend knows nothing about therians or anything.

I know spirits can lie, but I felt the spirit's energy, it was truthful, and fearful for us (it told us that I have 546 dangerous demons following me, and that I should run, and my bff has 6,576 demons following her because of a grudge or something). This isn't just about the ouija board, I'm mostly afraid supernatural forces like demons, spirits, psychics, etc. knowing that I'm an angel.

More info from http://main.otherkinalliance.org/index.php?option=com_content&t...
i would leave the board alone cause something bad almost happened 2 my mom when she tried 1
u invite them with both if ur not careful and when it said u had 3 vampires in the room it could have been the 1s u couldn't see sometimes those things have double meaning
im scared 2 do either
same cause u never know like in that movie paranomal activity


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