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hey I have 3 impossible questions I WANT ANSWERED lolbet you cant answer them hah lol
ookay, I cant either, but whatever.

The statement below is true.
The statement above is false.

If Pinocchio said his nose will grow, will it?

Do Deaf Schizophrenic People Hear Voices?

okay, so 1 isn't a proper question, but I still want (attempt) answered. if ya want you can post some more you know, just comment and IF I see them I shall add them to here. but as of when I first post this, I only put 3 qustions on here.
does that make sense?

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Well for number 2 no his nose wouldn't grow because it only grows if he lies.... I think lol :P
The statement below is true. insignifiant
The statement above is false. insignifiant

If Pinocchio said his nose will grow, will it? no (it will only grow when he lies)

Do Deaf Schizophrenic People Hear Voices? yes (this has been scientifically been proven, they can still hear voices in their head even if they are deaf or not)

mm now i wonder if i managed to answer your not so difficult questions
Ok, so

1) the two statements cancel each other.

2) if he says it will grow then it really will grow. Under normal circumstances his nose doesn't grow unless he lies, so when he didn't lie yet but says his nose will grow just like that, then it really will grow because, had he not his said it, his nose wouldn't have grown. So when out of the blue he says his nose will grow, then he is lying. Does that make any sense?:P

3) Yes they do hear voices, because it's in their head.
1) these statements are a contradiction

2) no it won't grow cause it only grows when he lies end if he had of said no it won't then it would of but he stuck to the truth so his nose didn't grow...(not in this instance anyway)

3) all ppl hear voices when psychotic not matter if they are def or not as they aren't using the ear to hear so they can hear because their brain is telling them that someone is talking and they listen but it doesn't matter if they are def or not lol

thisi is my thought on the matter wny way lol
1) it would be the first statement because it was saying the one below is the right one, but the second said its not the right one, so it has to be the first.

2) No because he's not lying

3) Yes because it's still in their mind but they are unable to hear themselves yell about it. Or they may be yelling at themselves and not even know it.
OKAY, I shall say something just as a note

If Pinocchio said his nose will grow, will it?

If he says it will grow, and it does, then he is telling the truth, but his nose will only grow if he lies, which means
if it DOESN'T grow, then he is lying. and it should grow. but if it end up growing, then he is telling the truth which means it shouldn't grow........

and for number 3) do deaf shizophrenic people hear voices?

If they haven''t heard them out loud, does that mean they WILL hear the voices but not know what they mean?
- Both.

- No, because he didn't lie, but if he were lying partially it might grow a little.

- Yes, because the voices are in their head.
1) thats not a question.

2) paradox! no, i have no idea...

3) no because their brain wouldn't know what voices sounded like. or any other sound. unless they hadn't been deaf their whole life...
1) Correct
2) No it would spontainiously combust.
3) Yes, cause it's all in their heads.

Now answer one of mine.
How long is a piece of string?
And yes, I have an answer for this.
as long as you make it
Incorrect. What if I found it. Give a maths equation for how to find it's length.
s = string
l = length

um s X l = sl

I don't know! I may be in teh second highest maths class (somehow) but I'm not THAT good!!!


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