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Someone Save me From this Nightmare, Stop what I Feel,This is taking over Me,The Pain is Just to Real, I knwo I must be Strong,But Whenever i Try im So Weak, Someone please Save me,Tell me This isnt Me,

Someone Save me From these Feelings,These Changes in Me,Everytime the Tears Blinding so imay Not see,I cant Stop the Tears,they Fall like Rain,Whod S*** me into These Nightmares,So Violently?

Can Someone please Stop This? Yes im Pretending Someone Else can save me From myself,But is There an easier Way? I want This to End,I want to Fight back,Escape this Hell

I can Save me From this Nightmare,I can Stop This Feeling,I can Save me And Tell me This Shell isnt Me But is Wanting Help Wrong?

........Is wanting Help Wrong?

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no, wanting help is not wrong

and interesting
I Dont know how To get Help o.O

Thank You :)
ahh your welcome but i wasnt much help though
I know But you The Only one To reply So far *Chuckles*
NO. Wanting help is never wrong because sometimes your friends can save you from your troubles than even yourself but it depends on the type of situation.

Tell me more about your nightmare because I do not fully understand you. If you don't want the information to go online than you can email me. I am going to help you.
Thank You...Thank you So Very ymuch..i Will message you soon


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