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To start this off so you get the idea. I have been attending a pentecostal radical bible school these past two months. I ended up here due to two reasons 1 My goddess wanted me to go there. 2 My parents thought it would be good for me. Sounds pleasant for the time being doesn't it?

Well it turns out that this school property have a nasty past. Being an all girls school for "trouble" children and gypsie girls. Who were considered un clean in the society at some 40 years ago. Not only were the students mentally tormented but also lobotomized. Now after their deaths their spirits went into a 40 year long dormant rest, and last year one of my classmates with her spiritual awareness and in a way mental past. Awakened them and they have only gotten worse this year, I as the only witch in the school was sent her to banish/cleanse away these 60++ borderline poltergeists/demons.

They are gaining more and more control over people here. The staff and my fellow classmates aside from a selective few, a darkness is becoming stronger and stronger. Even the so called evangelists are tainted by their darkness, as one hellish job they are attracted to me specifically because I to an extent manage to keep myself in control.And the darkness including the tainted spirits give me a fever, headaches, tiredness and exhaustion in general.

I call this a spiritual illness. And I know that as soon as my halloween banishing ritual is over I need to convince my parents to come and get me. And out of this blasted school. Now I need some help and guidance on the 31st, because In this state I can't do much on my own

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i would gladly help what do you need me to do =) im at your service lol but yes im serious . this week i have capture 3 demons already and one of them was attacking a friend 9 states away so i can be of so help.
I wish icould help but i have no way to.

Just explain to them what you've notice, tell them in a story of what you are noticing about the staff, the classmates... ask you parents... Is this Normal adult behavior?
Drink tea at night and sleep with lavendar, helps you physically rest, but it also helps with your spirit.

I do hope you can get help and out of there.

Thank you everyone for tips and all. But I'm already back home and safe, the ritual was a success which I did from the forest close to my house. I cleansed the whole school and those who were in it, I also added an extra shield of protection over the property. So if there are any new attacks or ghosts shifting through. I will know..

Sucker punch with a twist, i never understand the need to be more than one thing, your a psy vamp and it might be caused by yout witch craft and the energy manipulation there, didnt think about that one im sure, butt his other stuff is a bit on the far fetched kaller en prest og få det exorcised
D, ,

D,, you using a translator does not seem to do much. Aside from that I fixed this problem months ago on my own accord. So it is over and done with, I'm sure it is far fetched for you D,, you didn't have to live under that constant pressure for 3 months. Although your point seems rather vague care to elobrate on that?

hey Mei, i was just wanting to check in to see if you got the last couple messages i sent to your inbox. it was a little while ago now that i sent them :)

watch the movie sucker punch? your goddess wanted you to go? and how is this? you asked for it i was trying to be nice , but this is what i get for pulling a punch. 1 being a multiclassed character , you are not just a psyu vamp, but a fae, and a witch against your parents teaching? are they too open.
many psyvamps are actually just witches and some of the people out there saying tey are vampires but their vampirism is mostly spell craft, you seem so intent on magik that you might very well create your iown condition. but then there is the other unnecessary facets. the most effective people removing demonic and or negative spirits are priests . so i really don't need a translator to say get a priest to excoriation
D, ,

Never watched a movie by that title D,,. I can't see what the matter is truthfully? Yes being a witch is part of my beliefs,I have a spiritual connection to the deities I follow. Is being something aside from psychic vampire wrong? Like many humans my mind changes. If I decide or to tell or not tell my parents of my current beliefs is my own choice. If you truly consider priests to be the most compatible to remove negative enities I beg to differ...our countries are different in views. Where as there are not many chatholics in my country. It is a lot more openess for spiritual acting priests in YOUR country D,,.

Given that this problem of urs is solved. I would suggest deep meditation. Messing with Psychic energy can have it's drawbacks. I may lack knowledge in some things. But I remember well enough that a psychic shield needs to be maintained. Under that kind of strain I can understand you being exhausted and somewhat ill. If you're still suffering effects then try a 10 minute to 30minutes meditation (to re balance ur energy out) you've had a lot of energy exhausted which could of put your Chee balance right off the table. And priests aren't always the answer. Sometimes you need a little something more. I commend you for under taking something so strainful.

watch the rite. that will give you some world wide exorcism statistics, and find sucker punch
D, ,


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