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Hey guys I need a favor...

I need to know if there is such a thing as a truth spell..
I need to hear the truth with out them lying or twisting the truth..
If anyone can help me please I beg you to lend a helping hand..

This is really important and it's not something stupid.
So if you can find it in your heart or any part of you to help me out, I will be ever so greatful!

Thanks a bunch to who ever helps or reads this.

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I should probably also add that if you know how or know one can you please tell me how to do it..
Well Haunted there are different kinds of truth spells, depending on what you want to know, but I surely can help you to make one if you want?
That would be great Mei thank you so much..

Just pm me when ever your free.. Asap would be great if possible :) 
have you tried asking the truth to be revealed to you in a dream? sometimes that helps...hmmm or you could bombard the person's consciousness with thoughts about truth...force the thoughts into their minds, and then out their mouth. i dont know how i would explain to do that..i would just force myself into their head. i guess visualize the person, and then extend your consciousness to their mind, and then plant thoughts like "the truth will set you free" or "tell the truth and you dont have to be a good liar"..stuff like that. or you could be more forceful, ie "tell the truth or i will hit you so hard your face will cave in" hehe. sometimes i use candles. i create a spell, i recite it as i light the candles, and then let them burn, when the candles are totally finished burning seal it with "and it is done" or whichever phrase you use to end a spell. just make sure you use new candles that haven't ever been lit before and let them burn until the candle is completely done. it will take a while lol. but thats good, the longer they burn, the more energy that gets drawn into the spell...or at least thats how i design my spells to work, and throughout the day i might keep adding more energy to it...the last time i used candles i--well. it worked. quite well too :) i just use small votive candles to do that type of thing. you could probably use candle sticks too.

and did you get the message i sent about the card reading from a while ago? im sorry that it took me so long to get the reading done :(
Hmm yeah I could do that is it meant to be done with meditation?

Yes thankyou I forgot to thank you for them, things got busy again..
They were very helpful :) 
yup :) meditation is key to the whole forcing your consciousness into theirs thing...or at least thats how i seem to do it

thats good! you are very welcome im glad the reading helped :D
How do you do that? 


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