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ok..i feel like im the only on ethat knows they even exist..ANYONE ELSE REMEMBER WHO THE RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS ARE?? NO HATE COMMENTS ABOUT THEM!! IF YOU EVEN SAY ANYTHING ABOUT ONE OF THEM I WILL GET YOU!! IM WATCHING YOU!! REMEMBER THAT WHEN YOU SLEEP!! lol please no hate comments :) good god im hyper

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The last thing i remember about the red hot chilli peppers was a team of kids i hunted down that where in a program called fiesta. But seriously who r the red hot chilly peppers?
hahaha one of the best bands ever..there lead singer is hot 2
yeah i remember then quite a hit back in there day
still are :)
i know u dont kno them rose lol
Now i remember it was that alternative rock band that started in LA with Chad, Flea, Anthony, and John.
yes! yay!!! i love them!!
i love rhcp! they are awesome. especially their californication stuff.
yea..my nickname is dani california :)
your my new friend! lol
yea, the pot heads in my area are sadly obsessed with them....I cant escape!!!!! Naw but I dont mind them


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