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Why do most vampires, demons, fairies ect. hate humans??

I'm personally a hybrid(werewolf, vampire, wiccan) and I love some humans, though my main friends are different like me, I don't understand why most of you on here think humans should die!
please explain why you think they deserve to die??

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They probably think that because of the ignorance and hate that man has shown to them.
well thats one theory any others?
thats humanity, which basicaly means humans so I understand why humans would be scared of us but why do some of us have to hate them??
but not all humans are like how you say! there is good in some off them! see and that just means no offense that your theory is faulty!
no I can control myself and I asked derectly!
I really agree with you!! but can you explain more to me, in message if you prefer, but what kind of hybrid are you?
well some are just naive it gives us no right to think their cattle
I can understand that
thank you!
hey brother they're not food they're not disposable, you might want to remember that considering someof the people in Raining moon are humans.
no! they do taste good but I don't, I would never think their disposable!


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