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cool cool, im for ether...but i guess im more 4 jacob. :)
no, i just loved jacob ever sence the first book...and thought jacob's dad was being a d*** about bella and edward.
yeah...team edward because jacob doesn't sparkle
yay! go team jacob! :D
I think that Edward is HOTT for a vampire, and Jacob was Hot for a werewolf! But if I had to choose..... EDWARD!!!!!!!!! <3
i'm team eddipuss XD
but i still love jake
team edward all the way, i love edward!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Team Jacob, deffinitaly. =]
i am in jacobs team
I CHEER for the same TEAM!!
I Love them Both. ^_^
Choosing Edward or Jake is like Choosing which Child do I like the best (if I had kids). Haha. But I love Both Characters equally.


yeah as i, but i like jake just alittle bit more. :)
team edward. duh


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