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Vampire vulnerabilities

VampyressAurora writes, "I wanted to know what the difference between pure breed vampyres and halflings, and if they are REALLY affected by…

Started by Raven Rose RattlebonesLatest Reply

blood searching

Mdm RRRB, In going out at night to search for blood have you ever been suspect for lurking or anything like that and had to deal with the…

Started by BillLatest Reply

a question

I ve wanted to have this answered for a while I would like to know wheather im a vampire or not Ive always shyed away from bright lights a…

Started by Sarah StarLatest Reply

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Am I only human or something else?

Hi, My name is Meghann I'm 17 and I have been a druid for I believe to be all my life I can feel most life forces. But I feel plants and an…

Started by Meghann Jost

0 Apr 1

Limited Clairvoyance?

Since time immerorable i have had a set amount of dreams, about 5000 because i dream atleast once, usualy about three times per night. When…

Started by TheDarkerSideOfOurHeartsBleeding

5 Aug 8, 2012
Reply by Rachel Dotson

How to tell what you are?

My friend told me that I was a vampire like her. But, i don't know how to figure this out or tell. Can any of you help me im comfused and c…

Started by Nicole Minton

0 Jul 8, 2012

What about you?

Questions may find their answers in time.. It has been some time since I'd last visited. As I've told one, time steals us away on eternal w…

Started by Lirit du Coudray

0 May 1, 2012

how to become one??

how do i become a vampire or at least talk to one face to face without traviling out of my city?

Started by savannah Georgia

1 Mar 31, 2012
Reply by Holly Vios


im new to being a vampire and i need help because i dont know how to get blood without hurting people or myself. please i dont want to hurt…

Started by Annabella

0 Jan 7, 2012
Reply by Annabella

looking for new frds

hey everyone add me on facebook dot com wth slyther6969 at yahoo dot com

Started by tim lee davis

0 Jan 3, 2012


vampires are real? well can they turn humans into vampires? how do they feed?

Started by Lydia

3 Dec 6, 2011
Reply by vampire.xxbloodbeats

Please help me figure this out!

Ms. Rattlebones, I need to find a vampire and/or werewolf realy badly. How can I go about doing that? No I am not going to go into the wood…

Started by ariel

3 Dec 1, 2011
Reply by timmar mccollin

Another question - werewolf or lycan?

Pardon me for being annoying Miss Rattlebones, but I've thought of another question to ask you. I wonder if you know the differences betwee…

Started by Storm Wolf

3 Oct 31, 2011
Reply by ariel


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