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My undrerstanding of this is there are two ways I have seen it spelled and arguments on either side.

Psychic vampire (psy)


psionic vampire (psi)

I like psionic better because of the fact that is truer to the greek psi which is a character that describes the mind and processes ascociated. to me the term "psychic" is more esoteric than anything, while psionics is a parapsychological term.
so y'know. psionic is like a practice that can be observed by those who know how to observe it, and can be learned and practice, while psychic is something like a 900- (inbound telesales) number for a mysterious woman with a Bahamain accent.

If hairs must be split about it. What do you all think?

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I would rather go with Psi as well
Psy seems just too...well it does not convey what we really are that's all
I have thought that myself, indeed psionic or psi-vampire is a bettere term and is actually getting to the feeding habit of the speices. Whether it is to be changed, let other have some say...
Is a hybrid possible.


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