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they think theyr evrything and while talking to one earlier i found out she thinks psi's are mutants of the vmp world!

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well thanks for that.. loll
lol Im a psivamp and i totally agree with the mutant theory lol
well its incorrect because the truth is, every vampire is a psy, but some draw energy from blood. so you could truthfully say, the sangs are the mutants.
Um. I'm not the only vampire who needs both physical and non-physical sources to feed from, and I'm not the only one who feels that it's both similar and different how we feed and what we feed from. Blood is food like anything else, energy is straight energy. I can't go back and forth when it's more convenient, I NEED both.

I think you're just misinformed.
going all technical on yahz lol
true that.
Well that is true they where first as far as I know. Overtime everything evoles or changes to how they can survive best in a given situation. It could be that the next evolution will draw out the very essence of any form, that is to say the pure energy which is produced in any molecule. Humans will not remain forever and a new way to feed must take shape. Or maybe even the very energy from that star in the sky, who knows...
What the hell are you going on about??
pranics ARE the mutants of the vampyre world... however... this gives us an advantage... think about it... if a sanguine feeds from a human, there is a bond formed...THEY ARE STUCK WITH THEIR DONOR FOR LIFE UNLESS THEY DRAIN THE DONOR... however, pranics may feed from anyone or thing without the repercussions of a bond forming. we are the mutants... however, we are also the stronger of the vampyre community...true...that every vampyre is a psy... but we have evolved enough to not require the blood concept of it... and we don't have to feeed from humans or animals alone...
That is partly true, but I haven't tried blood yet.


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