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i am a secret in a bottle. and u will never find out that secret!!!!!

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i am psy... but my brother, and closest friend is sanguine...so are most of my coven...so i guess that in my coven... well, they call me the"rare breed"...anyway... the things that can "kill" a vampyre are nothing more than myths as far as i know...i've heard old legends about vampyres from Grandfather (sanguine) who took me in when i noticed my abilities starting to come in... he said that i was the first pranic he'd seen in a while in that area... and that his coven was short on my kind...^.^ and so he started trying to teach me... he told me that things that are said to "kill" a vampyre were things that they'd run away from when they were found out... things that couldn't hurt them... like... i'm going back to the oldest of times... garlic for instance...or stakes... he said wha i'm going to say to you here... "think about it this way... we vampyres...sanguine or otherwise... heal very quickly and full fledged vampyres need not worry about losing large amounts of blod. so why wouldn't we let man think that he was ridding the world of his 'plague'...it gave us a chance to find a new home and start another life..." Grandfather was right about a lot of things. so i do not doubt him...i don't blame anyone that doubts him and does not know him. i may sound like i do not know a thing... but you must understand that i still think of myself as a fledgeling. i know that i have not finished my studies, and i'm simply telling you what i was told. hell... Grandfather may even be wrong... but as i said before... i trust in his word...


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