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this will be a rant about myself i know right bla bla bla..

i have shed many tears i am exausted phyiscaly and mentaly i am plan just tired the devil had me going thinking i was worhtless and ugly and i look in the mirror and i believe it but latley i see more than that i see that i am treasure, that i am special.. sorry if this is not your usual discussion.. but i am tired of it you know i was so scared of everything that i couldnt eat but only once a day 2 pacages of top romen and i thought it was actually doing me good you know not eating it was helping me loose weight i thought it was what my mom wanted cause earlier in the years like 2 years ago she kept telling me basically i was fat it struck my heart myou know like this is my mom how could she say this to me and now that i lost alot of weight she is telling me to wake up and start eating again but i was like how can you say that you first you tell me that i am fat and need to lose weight but when i am doing so but not really trying you tell me to stop and eat i thought this is what you wanted.. but not even far from my heart i knew she was right you not eating but only once a day i cried and begged god for death death never came instead i was left with my tears and thank god for that i would have died of defeat and iam sorry for those people who hate jesus freaks but this has been on my mind and it is killing me so i had to write it out and let my heart breath everyone has hard times i know i too have been through the worst and believe it or not this wasnt it.. so if anyone has anything on there heart that they need to let out so your heart can too breath if you want you can tell me and i will listen..

but yeah i had to rewright a discussion so i wrote this one again sorry..

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Hmm. We all have s*** happen, and a lot of it is stupid.
Nothing should be taken back, just learn from it as you said you have.
Good luck, Amber.


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