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The funny thing was,

They all thought the tears,
were from want of you back.

But the reality was,
they were tears of frustration.

The whole time,
you always got what you wanted.

I never felt valued,
not once did you think of me.

The tears were not from want of you back,
they were from being denied the one thing I wanted

I wanted you dead

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I was treated really badly by a guy, he was horrible and it turned out he had borderline schizophrenia and other mental problems, it is not an excuse because he knew he had these problems but refuses to take medication because he likes using it as an excuse to treat people like s***. But he was really popular and awesome to people unless you knew him well and saw him all the time and every one loved him and I was to afraid to break up with him for ages because I thought he would kill himself because he acted like he would every time I tried, eventually he broke up with me and I was so angry because he waited till I was stuck in a horrible place for another year all alone before doing so and waited till we were stuck living in the same building for a year again and he kept trying to destroy me still, when I cried every one kept telling me it was alright he might come back to me, but I just wanted to explain to everyone that I didn't want him back at all, after all the mental abuse and the hurt and the lies and selfishness I really wanted to kill him, till the moment I finally got away and was able to move states and start a new life. Now I am doing a lot better and I have started writing and doing things I always loved doing before we met.
Ye, hate it when people lock you in and then make it seem like they can't live without you, they'd kill themselves if it wasn't for you with them, and then when they know you're miserable and can't get any lower, they leave you in the dust, probably laughing at your demise, knowing they'll live to fool again as you slowly die.
I give you congratulations for getting away from that s***** mess. Good luck on your new life.
Thank you, He was horrible but now I am so much better, he did go on to fool again, he moved on with a friend of mine who said i was a lier but then he treated her the same and now were friends again and he has moved on with her friend, thats how the cycle works with him... I am lots happier now and I really thrived without him, the moment I got away from him for good I went so much better :)
Indeed, he sounds like One Missed Call. From the list of contacts on the phone, it goes to them and kills them. One by one.
Continue to thrive; you will find your entertainment.


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