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Personally, I love Both but i slightly prefer the book version of edward because the book version seemed more real for me and he's sorta the type of guy i want in my life (how im gonna find a vampire to marry is the part i ain't quite worked out yet) but who do you prefer?

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i agree i like the book versen because he does seem more real.
i prefer the book versh cause u can make him look and act the way u want him to get ma point...............................!!!!!!!!!!!
Lol I totally know what you know what you mean, *giggle silently* but I wouldn't mind to see Edward played by a gorgeous guy I just don't agree with most girls about Robert, I'm not going to say any thing bad about him though.
I agree i kinda prefer the book because he's like this dream come true but robert plays Edward well and i still fall in live with him lol x and if u find a vampire to marry can u check if he has a brother :)
The book version is better but I can't agree that Robert played Edward well, I mean he had his moments, but he is so ugly in my opinion. I truely can not understand why girls druel over the dude. I would have picked two actors on the top of my head that would have been better fit for the job, but it was a low budget film. I think twilight came out pretty good for a low budget film.
I think that i prefer the book character to the movie character.But rob did a great job of making him come to life.I just felt the book edward more as far as his emotions,and what he was going through.
I totally agree with you =]
What how can you say that He He was so emotionless and dull in the movie! He had occasional moments I'll admit but he was no comparison to the book Edward.
i like the movie version just because he seemes a bit less controling... i still like edward but after reading the whole series a few extra times im beginig to wonder if jacob was the better match... i think the last book was a little rushed and flakey in my opinion to end the seiries.
Oh my gosh I totally agree, but the book character was more realistic than Edward in the movie. I would have like to see more emotion in the movie but it was pretty good any how. Yeah, I totally agree what's up with the last book having more action and details than the first three all together.
I prefer the book version of Edward, The movie is kinda hilarious, Pattinson I guess was trying a bit TOO HARD for any body's liking
i like the book because you could pertend your bella lol ! and because it seems more real to me


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