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The Gods and Goddesses

Gods and Goddesses of Greece
Aphrodite-Goddess of Love and Beauty-Earane Trinaar Ancamile-Lloth
Apollo-God of Music
Ares- God of War-Vincente
Artemis-Goddess of Night and The Hunt,Protector of women-Rougelina
Athena-Goddess of Wisdom, Art, War, Justice, Skill and Industry-Mei
Demeter-Goddess of Grain, Corn, and Harvest-Bee
Dionysus-God of Wine, Agriculture, and Fertility of Nature
Hades- God of The Underworld-Shado3
Helios-God of The Sun-D.A.B. the LuNaTiC
Hephaestus-God of Smiths and Fire
Hera-Great Queen of Mount Olympus-Jocelyn
Hermes- God of Riches, Trade and Luck
Hestia-Goddess of Marriage and Birth-Lisa
Perpesphone-Goddess of The Underworld-Kat
Peisdon-God of the Sea-Shadow/Light (Dragonheart-HP)
Selene-Goddess of The Moon-Sya
Zeus-God of Gods, God of The Light and Sky

Aeacus -son of Zeus
Aeneas-son of prince Anchises
Alexander the Great -king of accient Greece
Amphion-son of Zeus and Antiope
Arcas-son of Zeus and Castillo
Britomartis -Mioanon Goddess
Clymene-name being "famous woman"
Cycnus-son of Ares, could transform into a swan
Dardanus-son of Zeus and Electra
Epaphus-son of Zeus and Lo, King of Egypt
Gilgamesh-Fifth king of Uruk, son of Goddess
Harmonia-Daughter of Ares and Aphrodite-Alexia
Helen-Helen of Troy, daughter of Zeus and Leda
Heracles (also known by the Roman spelling, Hercules), greatest of the Greek hero
Iapetus-one of the Titans
Iasion-Son of Zeus
Minos-son of Zeus and Europa
Memnon-Memon of Heracles
Orion-the giant huntsman
Orpheus-king of the Thracian tribe
Perseus-Hero of Greek mythology
Rhadamanthus-Judges of the dead
Sarpedon-Son of Zeus and Europa, brother to Mioanon
Theseus-founder of Athens
Tityas-Giant, son of Zeus and Elera
Zetes-of Boreads
Zethus-twin son of Antiope and Zeus

Other Figures:
Orion-hunter and companion to Artemis
Actaeon-Therban Prince and hunter
Adonis-trouble-maker with the female Goddesses
Leda-Queen of Sparta-Rachel Matthews Medrageth Black

Athene The Spoiler
Aurora Goddess of the Dawn fingers were the color of roses-Aurora Majin
Cheiron The Centaur
Dione A mother to Aphrodite
Eileithyia Goddess of Childbirth
Eos Goddess of the Dawn
Herakles Penultimate Hero
Hyperion The Titan, Father of Dawn
Hypnos Sleep, Brother of Thanatos
Io The Heifer Maiden
Iris The Swift Footed Messenger personification of the rainbow- Moonlightrose05
Kalypso The Queenly Nympth
Kronos Lord of the Titans
Leto Mother of Apollo and Artemis
Oceanus - Personification of the ocean
Odysseus A Very Resourceful Traveler
Pan The God of Shepherds half goat and haf man
Phoebe - The bright one, mother of Leto
Prometheus The Rebel God
Skylla The Beast with Six Heads
Thanatos The God of Death
Thetis Mother of Achilleus
Tyche Goddess of Chance

Egyptian Gods and Goddesses.
*please send me your title*

Discussion Forum

Hera and Zeus's Table 22 Replies

Okay. so this group is about the gods and goddesses of greek mythology. I'll put the names of the gods and goddesses and you can choose which is yours. ;3

Started by Awesome Juli❤. Last reply by Awesome Juli❤ Oct 21, 2009.

Morrígan, Babd, Macha Celtic/Irish Goddesses of Death and War. 9 Replies

THIS IS IRELAND. We rule together to keep our beloved isle safe. Never question us unless you wish to suffer severely. Ravens, and crows crowd around make sure you don't disturb them.

Started by Princess Destiny Daratrazanoff. Last reply by Princess Destiny Daratrazanoff Oct 19, 2009.

The Mortal world 1 Reply

The plain of existence where mortals live, often in ignorance of the the Gods.This plain is not owned by any one being, but all may walk here, no-matter their motives.Continue

Started by Glacia. Last reply by Awesome Juli❤ Sep 13, 2009.

Artemis's Temple. 13 Replies

Welcome to Artemis's holy temple. Please be respectful and make your prays here. ;3

Started by Awesome Juli❤. Last reply by Awesome Juli❤ Sep 13, 2009.

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that is like the BIGGEST give away ever.
If any of the old fallen see that, Your soo exposed haha

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