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I've been wondering if there really is a vamp in this world...

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I hope Vampires are real. One day I hope to be one of them! So if their are any REAL Vampire's reading this, CONTACT ME!
Any thing is possible even Vampires, but holly wood makes them look like monsters then they already are.
hey this is shawnna contact me
Can you help me. Please. I want to be a vampire. So very badly. Please contact me if you can help.
i to wish to meat one sometimes ii feel that they are watch ing over me ofr some reason or onther
I agree with Vampire Angel.. It is so nice to hear of a fellow vampire putting the truth out there of what we really are.
wise words angel!
im a vampire
Yes, there are real vampyres in this world. True ones that were around long before all these Twilight crazed teenagers declared themselves to be vampires. Don't get me wrong, I like the books but there has been an enormous influx of fang-wearing teeny-boppers since the publishing of the series.
no becouse most people would find out it better for them to tell them
A lot of vampires are hiding because they are scared what people would think of them, also due to the fact that holly wood makes them look bad. With the internet it is become a safe haven and also with the source of information that the internet has to offer.


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