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How can a vampire die?

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Vampyres can die in many ways, each very hard to do though. A Vampyre can die of decaputation (everyone can die of that) but even if you break his/her neck you can kill them because as long as the bone is seprated the head doesn't need to be off of their body, if they are consumed by fire, Vampyres can still die of a staking, but only if you use the proper material. There are lots of rumors about Vampyres only because those famous writers.... most of them were Vampyres trying to hide the truth about us. Holy water.... is a load of poop, it doesn't work, but its funny to watch mortals try. Vampyres can still die if you stake them in the heart by Snake Wood, the rarest wood in the world. Some known Vampyre hunters have had a good effect by using Pink Ivory and Brazilian Rosewood. Another thing I've learned is that if you inject a chemical "liquid-silver" substance into the bloodstream of a Vampyre (depending on the strength and will of the chosen Vamp.) that could also kill them.
Can sunlight really kill vampires?
Vampyres can die of sunlight yes. But only if they were exposed it to day after day with no feeding and no shade. Regularly Vamps do well in sunlight, today my eyes were stinging though because it was so bright today...
3 ways too kill:

1. Mutilation
2. Decapitation
3. Burning to ashes

Well... that's what I know because those were the things that my maker told me...
Anyone'd be dead under those circumstances. lol
Here's a few things to consider...

Vampires live amongst us and have influenced both governments and media. How much of what you think you know about them is real and how much is misinformation?

Here's another fun fact... there are two types of vampires, those that are truly a separate species and those that have been turned, commonly called Revenants. The folks you are most familiar with from stories and such are Revenants. Of course, I'm leaving out the neo-vampires... the human sanguinarians and psy vamps. I don't want to get in the middle of that war, but when it's all said and done, those folks are as human as.... Robert Pattinson...

Incidentally, there are very few "pure" vampires, but there never were many to begin with.
that is all true, True (Diogeneia) and I my self are not intrested in coming between that war either, although ever thought the human vampires (deciples who follow our life as a mere religious movement) are but a smoke screen to hide those who are not as human as them selves? ;-)
Hi Arnold,

For the most part, the neo-vampires are human.... or rather, perhaps it is more correct for me to say that they are NOT vampire. No true vampire excepts them as vampire. They are not even vampire half-breeds, as technically no such creature exists simply because the vampire gene is always dominant. The gene itself is as viral as the bite-- in the case of humans. I can't speak in terms of other species.

Anyway, the sangs and psy vamps may be wholly or partly another species all together, but that is only speculation on my part. Of course, that doesn't make them any less worthy of respect--it just makes them not vampires. lol

Sorry for the late reply. I've been pretty busy lately.
I, understand my dear. And ofcourse I agree once more with your information BUT as far as I could determine my self they revere us as being Gods and thus worship us through their own practises in Vampirism as they call it, also the Psy vampire groups ; covens ect. seem to be practising their energy drains to sustain their energy needs and for the use of magick as most of them do practise some form of magick.

And ofcourse they also say them selves they are human and there for ofcourse we will view them as such I respect them as I do any other human unless they provoke me that is.


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