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I have a RolePlay. We need a "Bionca" a "Jeff" a "Rashmeal" (Yes, I know. It's long.(YES Rashmeal is MALE.) ) a "Tara" and I will be Selene. (No duh.)

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What tara's character?
Tara is the street-wise, tomboy girl. She gets herself into too much trouble and well, YOU'LL JUST HAVE TO SEE. :P I can't tell you what haapenss. OR ELSE I'LL GIVE OUT SPOILERS AND I DON'T WANT THAT. >:P
lol hun i just ment like whats her person. Cause id be down for bieng tara.
What is it about? Who is Bionca?
Bionca is one of the vampires who-- >:P NOT GIVING OUT SPIOLERS NO SIREE!!! >:D
how can we role play if we dont know our characters background
I JUST TOLD YOU HER BACKGROUND!!!! =_=' (Wait do you mean her skin color? That's the only other "background" I can think of. EXPLAIN WHICH BACKGROUND!!!!)
So all we need now is the Rashmeal?
Who I cannot be because I am a girl. X(|
No one's in the RolePlay exept me because all their doing is asking. We MIGHT have a Tara *points to Alexis* But I have no idea what she's talking about. But your wrong, we need a Jeff AND Rashmeal. :P
Right... sorry. I forgot.
It is no problem at ALL. Do you wish to be in the roleplay or are you just asking? You could be Bionca or Tara. (I suggest Bionca, she's a REALLY good role.)
... Okay. I shall be



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