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I don't know how to start my disccusion, so here it is! The setting is in a small, rainy town (not Forks) called Ashtown. Ashtown is in constant downpour, but is envolped and devoured by large, fresh trees. Most people live in the subburb of the town, and houses are small, dark, and usually not very fancy. At the very edge of town, nearly out of the state of Idaho, is a minute neighborhood. This neighborhood is like the outcast part of the tiny town, no one goes there, rumours of death and gossip of murder float around the sound of its name. The nieghborhood is called Morte. And what those ungrateful, wretched gossipers say is true, the neighborhood is home to the large coven called Ayumu. The translation of Ayumu is dream or vision. The coven is home and resting place for the super natural that ran away from their original homes for being shunned. Their is a head of place over this cult, her name is Kanon Irsis. She is unknown in her unnatural state, but is very kind and caring. This is where you may call your home. Create the charater, place of birth, creature, and name and live here with me, Kanon Irsis in harmony with humanity, (we even let humans live here)

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Name: Aisling (means dream/vision - why I'm using it, I don't normally use my own name)
Place of Birth: Unknown
Creature: Mage (not exactly a CREATURE per se... but you get it =]) / Seer

Some people call her a vampire because she drinks blood for rituals and such - but no one is quite sure.
:D Nice character ^-^ I think this died though, oh wells. We could try to restart it!
That's what I was doing =D and thank you =]


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