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Right... if anyone's seen/read Naruto then they can play =) we don't play as the actual characters in the thing and don't have them in it at all (well... maybe occasionally but not as, like, a main character or anything) it's mainly just to pretend to live in Naruto's world.

You can have multiple characters at different levels but don't have say... 5 at an elite level, try and balance out the ranks a bit more. Put your character's details first, k? ;) Don't create your characters as a squad. Your characters should be balanced out between different squads. It should be written in 3rd person as well (he, she, it etc.) to avoid confusion.

Start by introducing your character as follows:
Physical Description:
Special Skills:
Special Weapons:
Character Summary:
Background info:

And any other information you may want to include. Also, to avoid too many Kyuubis (if that's how it's spelt) only one of your character may have one. You may also create characetrs as time goes on, you don't have to create them all at once.

Also only one of your characters may be directly related to a main character in Naruto. =) Make any background story believable (if you get what I mean...?)

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Name: Akane Uchiha / Uchiha Akane (Akane means deep red in Japanese)

Clan: Uchiha from The Village Hidden in the Leaves

Alliance: Akatsuki and Konoha

Age: 14

Gender: Female

Hair color: Dark bluey-black (Like Sasuke's)

Personality: Shy, tries to pretend that she is awesome at fighting like the rest of her clan but hates it really, has low self-esteem, modest, smart, is subtly beautiful

Likes: Itachi

Dislikes: Sasuke The Deceased Uchihas

Crushes: None
Ninja Class/Rank: Genin
Skills: Nothing really.

Specialites: Has a demon inside of her but does not know

Special moves: None but she does own a special sythe, mainly to make her look more powerful than she actually is, she barely ever uses it, only when forced to fight an incredibley strong opponent

Brief Summary of Character: shy but smart, ratehr like Haku actually =) ... slightly... in a way...

History: Used to be locked away in a basement by the Uchihas who were ashamed of her, Itachi found her when on his killing spree and let her go, she was going to be of no harm to anyone, watched Sasuke's reaction etc. hates (or would if she could hate, she really just despises him more than anyone else) him for wanting to kill Itachi.

(My profile picture is the picture of her)
Cool. So how do you think our characters can inter-link with one another? Is your one going to be my one's sensei perhaps?
That'd be kinda cool =D I'll start it off and then after they know each other enough they could perhaps get attacked or something else exciting =D
Akane ran like a ninja through the town as everyone slept. It was almost midnight and she was late for her nightly training. She prefered to train at night because there were less people who could or would watch her. Most were fast asleep and her senses were more alert at night.

Eventually she reached the training area. She stood still and calmed herself, focusing her chakra with the help of the tiger hand-sign. Then she opened her eyes, drew her sythe and began swinging it about, practising her control of the blade. After doing this for about half-an-hour she began to move it about using focused chakra in her fingertips, a similar method used to walk up trees or on water, but with her hands. She dropped it but sent her chakra through the grass and to the sythe to pick it back up again which got her quite out of breath and that was when she was alerted to the presence of someone else...
Yasu run past Kurai, looking straight into his eyes and then jumped down from the tree into the open area where Akane was training. She casually stood up and looked at Akane, smirking.

"You think THAT'S training?" she laughed at the ninja she considered a mere girl. "You haven't even realised you're being watched! Hardly a ninja... are you?" she began laughing under her breath at Akane.

Akane stared at this newcomer with shock before her eyes hardened.

"You underestimate me. Who's to say I haven't known all along?" she tried to hide how fast and loud her heart was beating within her.
Akane stepped back, feeling intimated and looking scared for a moment before she smirked and hardened her expression. She swung her sythe into the perfect attack position.

"I noticed the slut and you too! The tree-hugger is always around though. I was always ready for an attack, which is why I didn't practise any of my jutsu. Didn't you realise?" she smirked at Rosuko. "A ninja must always be observant - even of things that AREN'T there."

"I'm hardly a slut, they're just shorts!" Yasu argued. "Besides... it's better than being a scared little rodent hiding behind a weapon the size of Australia!"
Akane's ears twitched for a moment and she growled under her breath, narrowing her eyes at the surrounding trees.

"What are we a squad now or something?" Yasu behaved in a way not unlike that of a teenager. "Hunting US. Why US?"
Akane gasped. "Yasu? Itachi's spoken of you!" and once again she prepared her sythe for a battle.

Yasu, however, simply rolled her eyes. "I meant the fact that you said US not why us!" then she scrutinised Akane for the first time. "What about her? Why would she be hunted?"
Name: Yasu ?
Age: 16
Gender: Female
Rank: Unknown
Village: Unknown
Physical Description: Her hair is long and dark brown, her eyes are crystal blue. She is above average height, but not taller than most guys; just slightly smaller. She wears a black fashion shirt, with three-quarter-length sleeves and a slightly low cleavage and short denim shorts. She also wears long over-the-knee black socks with red stars on them and arm-warmers. The one of her left hand is black and red with a string patterened on it, dangling down while the right one is red with black stars on it and two lines of lace running parallel to each other to which pins are attached.
Special Skills: Unknown, but probably a memory jutsu.
Special Weapons: Unknown.
Character Summary: She is mysterious and known to be quite strong, apparentally.
Background info: Unknown. She has papers that say she has surpassed the genin exam in almost every Hidden Village but no one remembers her being there. To top it off the evidence of her studying there are in the files of the villages as well. She has also surpassed other rank exams in different areas but no one's sure how good she actually is. Her ninja headband that she usually wears has no mark of a village on it but she also has ninja equipment from each Hidden Village; more proof that she has graduated everywhere.
Ooo. Nice one ;) Stealing my idea on "unknown" things, huh? ;P I kid, I kid.
Ah. I see. =) That's the whole mirroring of movements thing =D I like it. (wondered about the same ages xP)
"Oh! Am I not good enough to be on your radar?" Akane yelled at him, hurt.

"Oh, just shut up, will you?" Yasu snapped before turning her attention to Kurai. "What's the guess?"


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