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White Tiger's invitation! Would you like to rp one on one, f/m in my O.C. vampire world?

Would you like to rp one on one, f/m in my O.C. vampire world?
(also let me know the rating of allowed rps in here.. adult or minors only? (so under pg-13. I am an experience adult writer.. so I need to know this.
Then I will need to be guided to the general thread area.. and thank you in advance!)

A little about me as a writer and an rper:

Hi! I am a high fantasy writer with realism. I want and love good story lines, plot and character development and lots of twists and turns. I tend to write long posts as such and hope my partners are able or want to do the same, but do not have to. I am more of a collaborative writer, not a traditional rper most of the time. I hear the entire orchestra not each instrument. That is why communication is so very important to me for each post we make as a team. XD , btw... what I like as a writer is dom vs. dom ;). I prefer my partner to be literate and hate one liners to one paras with a p******.. lol. Grammar..well, I typo alot, but go back and re read and hope to catch most of it. A great and strong imagination to fuel the fire..a must and nooooo mirroring please? :D

I am a slow poster, needing time before a post, after a post, and after your post... just FYI!

I love the build up and tension between characters and adore great epic stories! ;)

My OC Vampires:

While waiting for the sparkly vampire phase to pass, I am now ready for a good original vampire story. The vampires in general are a rather cool and elusive cousin to the h*** sapien sapien. They evolved at about the same time as their human cousins, but retained their fangs for hunting, tearing flesh and more specialized nails that tend to grow like claws.

Their life spans were much much longer than the humans and as the overall theorized extinction of the neanderthal came about (which is a debate), the vampires stayed to them selves and are much smaller in number compared to their human cousins, as they are rather elitist and looks down on their cousins. As such, this led to repeated in-breading, causing a severe recessive gene to surface, anemia.

Later, as they were faced with extinction rather than breed with the humans, a virus passed through them and made them unable to consume food and could only digest blood, and only the blood of their cousins, humans, which they could consume of any blood type as long as their blood was strong and healthy. Also in turn, this created another side affect. Their already extended life spans were increased even more, for all eternity as their cellular degeneration slowed to almost nothing once they reached the age of 20 in their years... or 150 in human years. The average gestation period is about 5 years and siblings can be hundreds and even thousands of years apart.

They are unable to "turn" humans into vampires as they are a distinct blood line, They have an extra light bone structure and compensatory muscular structure, so it may appear to others that might see them, that they fly, though in fact it is long distance and strong jumps that give such an illusion and gives them the ability to do things that normal humans are unable to do. Their body mass is over all lighter and are divided in clans around the world, living in massive underground mansions, to keep their existence hidden, but for hunting.

Occasionally one will marry and breed with a human, and thus begins the elders supervisions of the children and their lineage. Watchers are assigned to them to follow there development to see if any of their kind sprout up. Then they must take them in and begin the process of refining their genetics so that only the children with their blood line are the survivors and inheritors. They also have glands that can create a mucus type substance that allows them to climb walls and go places and do things normal humans also can't.

This is a result of their lymphatic system, which also carries a high amount of white blood cells and antibiotic qualities that allow extremely fast healing and close and coat, healing deep wounds. No arm or head can be replace mind you unless it is quickly reattached within a very short period of time. They have night vision, so the day does bother them, but does not hurt them. They live underground in large extensively elaborate mansions and have the finest things to surround them as they are great lovers of beauty.

As time has passed, with evolution in play a bit... just like the mosquito hawk came to look and imitate their prey, the mosquitoes, so did the vampires, but being the most beautiful of them and breath taking to look at or be around. Their looks and demeanor are a tool for attracting prey. The parts of the brain that humans are said to have not tapped into, they have full access to and can read and project thoughts to each other and to humans.

They can also project images and emotions of love, ecstasy, p******, to calm and to soothe and be what ever their prey needs to make their hunt easier. They are fast, not able to be tracked by scent, unless it is by another vampire and excellent fighters with incredible strength.

Now.. my character is one of these vampires, born over 3,000 years ago, but has a rebellious spirit, has come to hate living underground and seeks freedom from the rules and from the council. She is independent, strong, loves a challenge and a good fight... and escapes out of their home... to ... a potential story! ;D

There are a lot more characters and features that I like to play or play with than shows up on my list, but you can see more here or chat with me about ideas! XD

I have pics of three characters I love, Meaghan, Aerona, and Gwyn. Let me know if you want to see them and if I can put them up, via my uploader account..

I look forward to hearing from any one who is interested..

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