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Camila §♦Rygat♦§
  • Female
  • Niflheim.
  • Antarctica
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Hybrid or Unique
About Me:
Mother: Riika §♦Rygat♦§
Father: Micha'el Malak
Sister: Bubbles Malak §♦Rygat♦§
Stepsisters: Tierra, Alex, Genevieve Malak
Stepbrothers: Dante and Kasdeya Malak
Grandmother: Hella
Greatgrandfather: Loki
Favourite Music/Books/Movies:
punk rock yyeaaaaahhhhhh
and the others are not that important.

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The seed of Helheim.

I am what the world made me. I am one with the ice, the mist land and I hold deep inside myself all it's darkest secrets. Souls shall tremble under my shadow, life shall wither under my touch, nothing shall be left behind my wake. "Ragnarök" is my second name.

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At 2:14am on August 14, 2012, §Nothing and All§ said…

(who's the vanishing one now? I think this is your idea of payback lol. Love you toddler.)

At 3:10pm on August 1, 2012, Serina Pilgrim {Immortal} said…

Yeah party's are awesome, but I will not drink for a time. I had bad experience last weak. But still party's are awesome. Tell me how was your last party? :D fun? ;)

At 5:59am on July 23, 2012, §Nothing and All§ said…

Ixen tried to duck her attempt by pulling away his face, but he was a second too late, they were too close to each other in spite of her being backing away like a cowering kitten, skittish and treasonous. The mist slashed open the flesh of his right cheek down to his jawline, a nice long cut from which an oily black substance crept. He laughed the more louder... as if enjoying this, after all, he just indulged her allowing some harm.
Carelessly he heaved a hand to bru$h away with a thumb the insignificant shallow wound that she gave him.

-"Careful sister. You *may* wanna chill... we wouldn't want you tripping on your heels"-

He teased smirkingly, but she could certainly notice by the way his eyes flared and severely fixed on her that he wasn't joking.

-"In the only place that's safe and away from you. And its not Muspel, I am not lying to you Camila, for your own good you should believe me more than ever... now now, where were we?"-

He cleared his throat, cracked his neck and as if dusting off his arm from undesirables he rubb3d his blood stained palm upon it, that tar-like liquid drifted away like patted blown ashes then.

-"Oh yeah... I want you to come with me, I want you to hear very closely because I think this is something you need to know, I promise you this will interest you. Our family reunion of course."-

-"I trust you'll make it happen."-

Without a single speck of amusement coursing his features now, he overlooked her form dismissively one last time and nonchalantly walked his way towards the door of her chambers.

-"If everything goes right and I get what I want I'll give you what you want in exchange. Thou....."-

For a split second he stopped, but he did not bother himself looking back as he spoke his last words to her.

-"I can't promise you truce... Mine Love"-

At 12:04pm on July 19, 2012, Serina Pilgrim {Immortal} said…

I answered this one really late.
Well talking about work it is just killing me, I adulthood s**** :D but I have my party time too ^^ last weak was one awesome party .....oh unforgettable.

At 6:11am on July 18, 2012, §Nothing and All§ said…

He bursted in laughter for two reasons.
Firstly her determination towards him seemed to be fickle.
Secondly he felt as though he was ruining her cool. (pun :P)
So he had to give it to her, she was freaking hilarious. Once he was composed enough to answer, wiping an absent tear from the corner of his squinted eye, he took a deep breath and answered.

-"You know that tiny precious thing, much like a ticking bomb, sort of stunted."-
-"I have it in my keep, functional, alive, so beautiful. Haven't you wonder why you sometimes resemble something remotely soulful?"-

At 5:30am on July 18, 2012, §Nothing and All§ said…

-"And you being so naive to think that I don't have something to bargain insults me instead"-

He turned around folding his muscular arms upon his broad chest. His downcast stare burned on her, slowly shifting from her eyes to the key and back.

-"tsk tsk.."-

Much more taller, he ominously towered her. What he had in might at first sight he too had in power.

-"So tell me doll. What are you lacking? did you lost something?"-

He loved quibbles and often he made use of them, little hints here and there. His smirk spread wider and he too tapped two fingers where his heart was housed ironically mimicking the gesture she not long ago offered him.

-"This is when things turn ugly, don't they?"-

At 9:42am on July 16, 2012, §Nothing and All§ said…

-"You are so predictable... don't allow that particular flaw to mangle your skills Camila"-

As he muffled a yawn patting his thin lips mockingly with a hand he issued this truth.
He didn't even bother himself to follow her with his gaze, he could perfectly sense her, easily calculate her moves, the twists of her shape, the secret sound of her fathomless steps. Her scent, strong, clogging up his nose.

-"You can fool anyone, but you can't fool me."-

His voice rang as cocky as the smirk that tugged his mouth.

-"You do care... and no, I don't believe you are up to the task, you are juts a spoiled little brat."-

He canted his head to a side and now he did dedicate an idle stare in her way just above his shoulder.

-"quality time?"-

In an antic tone he answered to her last question.

At 9:03pm on July 12, 2012, Goddess (Princess) Amaunet Malak said…
[[Sighsa soft melancholy sigh as she shrugged helplessly, she had no answer for how she was. "I I'm well" Her voice was hushed as she spoke the half lie, physically she was well and suffering from no ailments but on the second hand she wasn't that well in feeling upset and deeply hurt]]
At 4:47am on July 12, 2012, §Nothing and All§ said…

She was so beautiful when she tried to hide things from him, that appalled fleck of snow in the desert of her eyes had him mesmerized.

Nothing seemed to please him more in this life than taunting the only thing that had the key to his mortality... perhaps he should show the same courtesy to his "mutt" relative, the insult to his blood, but how could he deprive himself of this delight?

He neither cringe nor did he make a single sound when the scourge bashed upon him, his flesh seethed like a p1ssed off snake as the hail was devoured and countered by his lurid flames, thou he was pushed back several steps away lengthening the distance between them both.

-"And even now you are diplomatic."-

He slurred each word through clenched teeth as he sickly grinned his heart content bru§hing a hand leisurely through his long reddish mane to comb it out of the way of his face.

Those burning pupils never parted from her eyes.

-"We share a mother, we share fate..."-

-"Of course I haven't forgotten how it was. You don't deserve to share my blood. How would I love to spoil you beyond recognition if that didn't meant my demise. Balance has never been more cruel"-

A short ironic chuckle overcame him though his jaw tightened with revolt.

-"How can't you tell what's that I miss? You are so clever and yet so thick"-

At 8:32am on July 10, 2012, §Nothing and All§ said…

If she thought he was going to shy away from her touch, she was terribly mistaken. If by any chance of fate she believe that just by using the beautiful and delicate barriers that her hands attempted to impose he would not be lured to breach the distance between her hand and his face, her palm and his beating heart, she did not know him as well as he thought.
What a terrible mistress p4ssion is. Making beings commit atrocities against their welfare, out of curious urges, temporary madness.
Though he remained still in place and just only the skin of his chest chapped by the closeness of her palm for he canted his face enough to receive no real harm.

-"Don't play with fire my love it might burn you, so don't tempt your luck."-

Those topaz eyes softened their severe expression to profoundly fix in her eyes. The flames that danced in his pupils allayed in the coldness of hers.

-"why haven't you tried? harming me... why wont you dare? all empty threats those you toss. Or could it be?"-

He wondered as a sheepish smirk stretched over his lips slowly.

-"it would take me longer to find her by myself and is not as fun without you, sister."-
-"you know, I don't like feeling nostalgic and I missed this weird morbidity we share."-


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