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Scientia est potentia. Those that learn this, and actually use it, are to be commended.

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mika-chan left a comment for Helethri
"oh so how are things with you"
Mar 24, 2010
mika-chan left a comment for Helethri
"oh i'm sorry so what's new"
Mar 24, 2010
mika-chan left a comment for Helethri
"oh cool so how are things"
Mar 4, 2010
mika-chan left a comment for Helethri
"will my bad but that's how i say it what are you doing i really don't say whatche you doing"
Feb 17, 2010
mika-chan left a comment for Helethri
"i was just trying to be friends but you don't have you be an as* h*** about it"
Feb 16, 2010
mika-chan left a comment for Helethri
"hi how are you and what are you doing my name is zakiya but you can call me mika"
Feb 15, 2010
Kuro WeißWelt and Helethri are now friends
Nov 16, 2009
Helethri replied to The Spook's discussion Dragons in the group The Dark Academy For All Species
"what about the silvers??"
Nov 15, 2009
Helethri joined Bee Selena Satsuki's group


beautiful palace that is also ruled by the Zahilas. the sky is always a dark blue and there is always a moon.there are gardens and forests to hide and explore. this is a realm of magickSee More
Nov 15, 2009

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Relationship Status:
Single, Complicated
Romantic Interests:
Hybrid or Unique, Something Else
About Me:
mmmmm...just ask questions.


Observant, authoritative, indulgent, moral and witty.
Colors: male: green, female: turquoiseCompatible Signs: Bastet, Geb Dates: July 29 - Aug 11, Oct 30 - Nov 7
Role: Goddess of war and vengeanceAppearance: Lion-headed woman with the sun over her headSacred Animal: lion
What is Your Egyptian Zodiac Sign?Designed by CyberWarlock of Warlock's Quizzles and Quandaries

A rebel with and without a cause, you belong to the clan of the Brujah. This clan is the muscle of the Camarilla and are always up for fights. However, you are difficult to control...especially since you tend to frenzy easier than most vampires. You are /the/ clan not to piss off or expect a missing limb.What Vampire Clan Do You Belong To?
The Brujah are inheritors of a majestic and ancient legacy, which is unfortunate. Tonight's Brujah seem less like a clan and more like a mob. Punks, terrorists, revolutionaries, criminals, gangbangers and the like make up the Brujah; the clan seems to be united in nothing save its contempt for the institutions of vampire and mortal society. Well, this is not entirely true; Clan Brujah are among the most savage vampires, and the most trivial slight or annoyance may trigger a howling Brujah frenzy. The Brujah's disunity keeps the clan tenuously in the Camarilla, but Brujah thugs routinely defect to the anarchs, the better to strike against their hated elders. Even the "tamer" Brujah annoy the elders and princes routinely through acts of defiance and rebellion. Despite their recalcitrance, however, Brujah are valued as warriors; they are perhaps the most dangerous vampires in a straightforward battle. To anger a Brujah is nigh suicidal - and Brujah are notorious for their tempers.
Favourite Music/Books/Movies:
Music: anything but rap.

You are The Chariot

Triumph, Victory, Overcoming Obstacles.

The chariot is one of the most complex cards to define. On its most basic level, it implies war, a struggle, and an eventual, hard-won victory. Either over enemies, obstacles, nature, the beasts inside you, or to just get what you want. But there is a great deal more to it. The charioteer wears emblems of the sun, yet the sign behind this card is the moon. The chariot is all about motion, and yet it is often shown as stationary. It is a union of opposites, like the black and white steeds. They pull in different directions, but must be (and can be!) made to go together in one direction. Control is required over opposing emotions, wants, needs, people, circumstances; bring them together and give them a single direction, your direction. Confidence is also needed and, most especially, motivation. The card can, in fact, indicate new motivation or inspiration, which gets a stagnant situation moving again.

What Tarot Card are You? Take the Test to Find Out.

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lol the meaning of my screen name Helethri Honest, hardworking and determined your abilities can lead you to great worldly success. Having a keen mind and emotional maturity your interpersonal skills are well developed and make you ideal for positions of leadership or group projects. People admire you for your integrity, patience and fairmindedness. You enjoy life to the full and are an example to others of what industry and tenacity can bring Syanthus You are both a visionary and a realist able to bring your dreams into a tangible form. Pioneering and ambitious you accept new challenges and the responsibilities which go with them willingly. Your sound judgement, resourcefulness and positive nature means that your progress in life is assured. Certainly your kindness and generosity to others and your inspirational manner attract success as well as many admirers.

You are an inspirational individual and seem to lead a charmed existence. Material success is no more than your versatility, optimism and courage deserve. You are creative and resourceful and can develop your ideas into tangible form which brings you great satisfaction. You attract friends, love and happiness in abundance because of your warm and enthusiastic nature. Life is much better with you around.

my actual name James
supplanter "hebrew"
Peaceful, poised and understanding you do not let anyone or anything disturb your innate calm. You are tolerant of others no matter how their behaviours or beliefs differ from your own. Not attached to material or worldly affairs you are free to express your true self. Displaying great wisdom and serenity people are naturally drawn to you for guidance and counsel. Your courage and presence of mind see you through any adversity.

Beloved "hebrew"
You are an inspiring leader whose originality, creativity and wisdom are applied to creating practical solutions to "unsolvable" problems. Humanitarian and idealistic your vision is to make the world a better place and you will work to this end. Hardworking and tenacious people admire you for your honesty and integrity. You are a loved and loyal friend and partner. Your have the potential to achieve enormous success in the world.

How evil are you?
lmao beware me, you can tell by my eyes! roflmao
What mythical creature is in you? Your Result: God/ Godess Yeah.........That's right. You rule the heavens and whatever it is you want to rule basically. Oh powerful one!!!...I bow down to you. (as if) You can strike me with lightning if you want. Anyway.....You're the boss so you decide what you are. I don't need to explain this to you.Nymph Goblins Vampire Werewolf Unicorn Fairy ...You are human ...sorry :( What mythical creature is in you?Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

What angel are you? Your Result: Angel of Storms You are an Angel of Storms, the Masters of Arms in Heaven, and the ones that control the weather in the mortal world. You are mischievous, compared to other Angels; you love playing tricks on Humans and your Angelic brothers and sisters.Angel of Hell Fallen Angel Angel of heaven Angel of Corruption What angel are you?Quiz Created on GoToQuiz

My Family:
Lucien Maleficus - Brother
Ryan - Brother
Saphira Herspecs-Dragule - Mate
Maranwë Elensar - Sister
Princess Raven Valentine - Daughter
xXGrey_Wolf_666Xx - Daughter

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At 3:21pm on March 10, 2010, mika-chan said…
oh i'm sorry so what's new
At 1:34pm on March 5, 2010, mika-chan said…
oh so how are things with you
At 4:22pm on February 27, 2010, mika-chan said…
oh cool so how are things
At 5:14pm on February 16, 2010, mika-chan said…
will my bad but that's how i say it what are you doing i really don't say whatche you doing
At 11:02am on February 16, 2010, mika-chan said…
i was just trying to be friends but you don't have you be an as* h*** about it
At 9:20am on February 13, 2010, mika-chan said…
hi how are you and what are you doing my name is zakiya but you can call me mika
At 8:37pm on September 27, 2009, Princess Mist Malak said…
Send this to anyone you know. Please

Jocelyn (Astarte)

(RL. domestic dispute)
At 8:51pm on September 26, 2009, Helethri said…
lol, goblins would've given you indigestion. besides, you can only eat Flame now...the gryphon has already had dibs on him.
At 4:55am on September 25, 2009, Princess Mist Malak said…
I call dibs on a l**.
At 6:07pm on September 24, 2009, Princess Mist Malak said…
Soooooo who we murdering??? The phoenixes?????

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