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A Curious Human
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Started this discussion. Last reply by Nick... Nov 24, 2008.


Well beyond the waves...

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About Me:
I am a freak for all things freaky.

I have been interested in vampires, faeries, werewolves, zombies, ghosts, ghouls, goblins, demons, banshees, the boogeyman, and anything else associated with these fantastical creatures for as long as I can remember.

Outside of all of that I love reading, writing, art (both creating and studying), philosophy (specifically epistemology and linguistics), psychology, religions, Germany and the German language (Sprechen Sie Deutsch?), photography, and j-walking.

I'm cynical, overdramatic, paranoid, immature, rude, ego-centric, elitist, and hypocritical. I'm also realistic, intensely curious, well-rounded, honest, and l*****.
Favourite Music/Books/Movies:
Anything that doesn't s***.

Original Poetry


Shifting, sifting,
Swimming through
The dark waters
Our parents forced us into.
Out of the comfort
Of non-existence,
Into the cruelty of sentience.
Lost among running, rambling
Sexual organs
And the faint murmur of something more.
We seek safety
In every way possible
Only to find again &
That there is no where to hide.
We wear clothes to cover our shame
But know that our fragile bodies
Lie just beneath the surface.
We wear smiles to cover the pain
To the same effect.
Grasping forward in the darkness
We may find a l**, or an arm,
or a mind to hold onto.
But then again...
We might not.

So...cigarettes have inspired some of my best work. Go figure.

Lately I’ve felt so empty inside,
So I’ve filled myself up with smoke.
Butts of cigarettes long since past
Stack up like walls around me.

Tendrils of smoke drift lazily upward.
The stale scent of cigarettes cling
To the walls of my living room.
The smoke is swept away from
The tip of my cigarette by the fan in the window,
And the gray cloud seems to dance in the light of morning,
Dispersing into uncertain shapes as each particle
Hits the walls or the ceiling.
A pile of ashes builds like a mountain
In the ashtray on my lap.
The mountain sits sternly opposing the world,
Seemingly indestructible,
Until I shift uncomfortably
And the mountain crumbles before me.
It’s destruction only accentuates the
Mortality that haunts me.
Smoke in celebration of life,
Ashes in rememberance of death.

-Smoke On The Water-
Co-author: William Charles

We have nothing more to do with our lives
So let’s just keep plugging these cigarettes into our mouths,
And as our bodies inflate from the smoke
We can complain about the problems of our decaying society and discuss
How the clouds now billowing out of our ears
Are metaphorical representations
Of the water seeping in through the holes in our roof.

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At 11:38am on January 12, 2009, Luhkas said…
I can not do the health thing. I am now working out every day again, running and swimming, and when I get hungry I eat everything. But since I started again,I am losing the urge to drink soda. Can not say I will give up Dr. Pepper though. It is my worst bad habit, and all in all its not that bad.
Certainly I agree that Wikipedia is not a reliable source. My college professors definetly instilled that in me. But I spend my time there reading things I would never ordinarly read. I spend half a day reading about black holes and radiation. Now that I say it, not something I should be proud of. A split sign huh. I am pretty sure I am all Virgo, with the exception of how much I procastinate. I get my reading in the email every day. Generic and seldomly true, but still entertaining. I start school again next week. YEAH. I actually enjoy the classes, but the long nights definetly wear on me.
At 2:27pm on January 6, 2009, Luhkas said…
Well most of my fantasies involve Dr Pepper. (Hopelessly addicted) so I get the chocalate thing. And a large poofy chair in an old grand library, I would be estatic. I have always loved books, I just never read many novels. I preferred encylopedias. Wikipedia was the greastest invention ever for acquiring useless facts. But to have the actual books.
Well I am rambling instead of working, so I hope your New Year is going well and you are all moved in to your town.
At 3:56pm on December 10, 2008, Luhkas said…
Sorry for taking a while to get back to you. Work is kinda hectic lately. Plus finals approaching.
I guess I like Emily Bronte because Wuthering Hieghts is a realist story with a fantasy mixed in. Until recently all I read was fantasy and sci fi, from my graphic novel beginiings I suppose. I can not remember once as a child hearing a comic called a graphic novel, any idea when that happened?
But I enjoy reading now, If only I could find more time to do it in. If only I were to win the lottery, become a nobleman, and than lie around and read all day, then discuss the days readings with my housecleaning bear over dinner.
At 4:16pm on December 3, 2008, Luhkas said…
No worry about the waiting, this time a year seems to keep everyone busy.
I think I finally settled on Literature, because there is always a new way of looking at something. A new perspective in the way a novel can be taught. Science is pretty stagnant, even new things fade to obscurity fairly quickly.
Sworn enemy huh? I am still relatively new to the literature field. Up until I was 25 I refused to read anything. Short of comic books, and intruction manuals anyways.
When I win the lottery I am moving to a cabin in the woods in a land far far away. So I will still have to take care of myself.
At 5:16pm on November 26, 2008, Luhkas said…
Well it's good to be here. Although I still like discovering things. It's what led me to science. Favorite authors, uhmm. Emily Bronte is a favorite right now. Stephen King always, and James Patterson.
What I like to write is science fiction, fantasy and horror. But I often blur them and cross the lines. I do not write too much when I am in schol though, I have to do it in the summer right now.
Fortunately my wife makes me care for myself, sometimes I guess i'm like a third child. So as long as I keep working I will be cared for I suppose.
At 10:36pm on November 25, 2008, Simply Alice said…
oh cool :)
At 6:02pm on November 25, 2008, Luhkas said…
I am a reformed Biology Major. Literature is so foreign to me at this point, but much more enjoyable. I can not wait for the winter break though, I am ready for a good rest, and some free time to read and write.
As for juggling the time, once you make the commitment to do it, it's not so bad. Just don't go into it dreading it.
At 4:56pm on November 25, 2008, Luhkas said…
I do not mind beind called Anthony. My dad and son go by Anthony, so it's easer for me to be Tony.
I am currently studying Literature, twice a week only. The weekends are spent with family, and sleeping. What are you studying?
At 12:57pm on November 25, 2008, Luhkas said…
A fifth generation Anthony, but I go by Tony.
I go to school as well. Two nights a week, after the oh so pleasent work day. But hey it keeps me busy and outta trouble during the week.
At 10:07am on November 25, 2008, Simply Alice said…
so if ur working then... hoe old r u
im 14

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