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The real problem with most of us
11 Replies

as stated above, this post is about what i believe to be truly wrong with this "community", if i could even call it that. this isnt a generalization of any one particular "breed" or whatever you call…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by kera (alexia) Feb 13, 2013.

To all LEGITIMATE vampires on this site.
49 Replies

as stated this post is for all the legimate practicioners on this site, not the role players, not the lifestylers, and not the idiots. if your IQ is below 130 dont even bother commenting please.i…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by D, , Jan 2, 2013.

Subscribe to my Youtube Channel please.
9 Replies

Below i will be posting a link to my Youtube channel. ive been running this channel for some time now but due to some events that transpired i was forced to delete all of my videos. im rebuilding now…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Minka Vincent Aug 5, 2012.

the idea of vampirism in modern day society.
9 Replies

as we in the vampiric community are well aware, or at least in my opinion we are aware, we are in somewhat of a decline. the majority of people on this site alone are mostly role players and whatnot,…Continue

Started this discussion. Last reply by Remean Nolatera Jul 26, 2012.

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Remean Nolatera replied to Krista Cooper-Schmidt's discussion So, I found this Vampire to turn me, is he for real?
"i agree with sarah. i would advise you to never speak to this person again, nor give him any information regarding where you live. there are people all over the world who would jump at the chance to take advantage of a young girl."
Mar 23
Remean Nolatera updated their profile
Mar 23
Remean Nolatera and Sarah Hale are now friends
Mar 23
Remean Nolatera replied to Fallen-angel-vampire-princess's discussion For vampires, humans, werewolfs and etc
"you my friend seem to be possessed by either a very creative imagination, or your on drugs. either way, this was interesting to read. aside from the numerous spelling and grammatical errors that is. my advice, take a few typing classes."
Mar 23
D, , left a comment for Remean Nolatera
"funny that chick does not look like her mom some people i think we just got to poke them on their face books when we have them found out D, ,"
Mar 28, 2013
Kai (Gywnbleidd) replied to Remean Nolatera's discussion The real problem with most of us
"Agreed, the barbaric and stupid seem to thrive in this day and age. I will leave it at that lest my opinion get the better of me."
Feb 13, 2013
Remean Nolatera replied to Amara Lola Criss's discussion Werewolf symptoms
"no but it does validate the point that what works for some may not work for others. ill give you peice of advice kid dont judge something you dont understand. theres more than one kind of vampire. dont lump us all into one group."
Feb 10, 2013
Remean Nolatera replied to Amara Lola Criss's discussion Werewolf symptoms
"You do realize that there are more than just blood drinking vampires right? And not very many of us actually believe in god so that argument is invalid."
Feb 10, 2013
¤Under A Godless Sky¤ replied to Remean Nolatera's discussion The real problem with most of us
"My ego never gets in the way, I just stopped contributing in an intelligent manner. I look at forums four years ago vs. today and the iq rating is ten percent of what it used to be."
Feb 10, 2013
Boogey Man replied to Remean Nolatera's discussion The real problem with most of us
"Couldn't agree more"
Feb 8, 2013
Remean Nolatera replied to Remean Nolatera's discussion The real problem with most of us
"no idea what your talking about."
Feb 8, 2013
Remean Nolatera replied to Remean Nolatera's discussion The real problem with most of us
"no problem liz im still relatively new ive only been on this site a little over a year. ever need any advice feel free to message me."
Feb 8, 2013
Remean Nolatera replied to Remean Nolatera's discussion The real problem with most of us
"thats why i avoid the chat nowadays. by the way did you comment on Herselfs discussion about the sexual role playing and possibly making people mods? i think it would be cool to be a mod."
Feb 8, 2013
Liz replied to Remean Nolatera's discussion The real problem with most of us
"Thank you for posting this. I admit I'm only fairly new to this site, but I've certainly noticed all of the above and am glad to see someone directly confronting the problem."
Feb 8, 2013
Kai (Gywnbleidd) replied to Remean Nolatera's discussion The real problem with most of us
"Well said Rem, I hae to admit I find it funny when some RPers think they're a god. it's downright laughable."
Feb 8, 2013
Remean Nolatera replied to Alistair Sweeting's discussion Christianity vs Wicca and Witchcraft Rant
"So you went from bashing Christians to thinkin of converting back to one. Yeah this REALLY helps your credibility."
Feb 7, 2013

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Engaged, Married
Romantic Interests:
About Me:
21 years of age, currently a PFC in the united states army, very proud of that fact, i dont hold with BS of any type and the only real reason im on this site is to find a few like minded individuals and to laugh at the idiocy of some of the people on here whom im pretty sure belong in a padded room.
Favourite Music/Books/Movies:
i dont watch tv, i love all music, and if theres a book out there ill read it.

Remean Nolatera's Blog

all roleplayers, lifestylers, and assorted fakes.

Posted on January 12, 2012 at 2:35am 0 Comments

im the type of person who speaks his mind regardless of who i may annoy or offend, so dont expect me to pull any punches. those types of people make me sick to my stomach. ive very nearly lost my life before due to roleplayers who got lost in their characters, and never again will i associate with that ilk. lifestylers give true practitioners a bad name, and as for the fakes(and you know who you are), you honestly need to find a hobby aside from stepping on our beliefs. we get it, you dont…


to those who believe that which is impossible, i feel sorry for you.

Posted on January 10, 2012 at 5:40pm 0 Comments

in this world there is a line between reality and fiction. as such that line is breached by the different "species" that populate the magical world. but then there is another "breed". the lifestylers, and the ones who want attention, and finally the mentally unstable. to those of you who honestly believe you can change your physical form to that of something else, or believe that your immortal, your only fooling yourself. ive read quite a few posts on this site so far and there seem to be a…


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At 7:01pm on March 28, 2013, D, , said…
funny that chick does not look like her mom some people i think we just got to poke them on their face books when we have them found out
D, ,
At 9:29am on May 8, 2012, D, , said…

well we pinged another one , i don't mind role players but i hate posers
D, ,

At 9:06pm on February 9, 2012, D, , said…
hanks doe posting that lots of this site never seems to work for me, ihad connected my old fail book to the skype. but who knows ill set it up to the new one
D, ,
At 1:22am on February 9, 2012, Clock said…

hey remean. so, i just now read your profile over for the first time.. I see you're a vanpire... lol i am a um, reformed one?] I used to believe in it, but now I'm trying to stay far away from that, but it runs down my dad's side of the family.. id like to talk to you about it if you dont mind, sometime.

At 10:43pm on February 8, 2012, D, , said…
i think it might have died but i also have skype. i am also a phone call away for some ,i want to set something up that will let us all chat and compare notes. i have lots of them,. and im still somewhat experimenting on my self. well it is not about p****** people off it is just about the point and the turth. the truth never changes or it becomes false and was never truth
D, ,
post this on my page it is not letting me
reply to lizzy
im still older than you and being a vampire almost 3 decades you have some historical issues that only a child should have. but now i see there is a immaturity with you, just like your avatar . see there are two ways there have always been two ways the last 15-20 years people have been doing away with that turning and many say it is just awakening some one that already carried that potential i could say so as there are people i have met in my life that i have almost felt they would have what it takes.
when i wasa kid you were not born, so you get stick with being a kid. especially when you seem to not grow up,. who asked for proof, you only proved that you were bsing your story does not match actual history. course you could be one of those aspiring writers making up stuff. i see that happen even with some old ladies . opinions are simple anyone can have one but as i see it where facts are involved it gets sticky. and i pointed out the facts again here in slow motion Y.O.U.R. S.T.O.R.Y. D.O.E.S. N.O.T. M.A.T.C.H. R.E.A.L. L.I.F.E...
well you seem to want to be important people, because you say so or we should say evil or bad people . WHAT! NO SLAVE GIRLS! NO SERVING WENCHES!?

if you keep replying I REPLY so you don't get to call it harassment. that is a lame tactic to try and have the last word. (actually i removed you from my friends in January when i saw the sufficient evidence to call you BS.) you are right i don't care i do not respect liars. I do not require their respect etc. if you didn't care you would have shut up already and you would not be moderating your comments. and you would not be commenting on my page. SO when you report me realize you invite response you leave because you live life? i live real life, not just the internet.
i run my house and i am striving to improve the vampire community and the world. buy that is really none of your concern or business. sophika. i am Damian that is why i am D, , sophie is who you are not try and be happy with that ;)~lizzy. now shut it and move on, don't come to reply on my page again i have nothing good to say to you. if you reply that only tells me that you want me to reply. i will post this on my page as well just in case
D, ,
At 9:17am on January 30, 2012, D, , said…
oh. i do have a voice chat room we can talk there if you want to compare notes. you might be interested in some of the things i am planning on doing when i get the right grants filled out, many things involving the vampire community and rights, as well as many charities etc. let me know we make a appoint meant and ill give you the address (when i am through perhaps we might figure out a way to do away with the people playing)
D, ,
At 1:01am on January 20, 2012, D, , said…
hey Shane the reason i have solid theories is i've been at this nearly 3 decades now. my mail box here does not work more than i get mail i never seem to be able to respond to it. might be something wrong with this puter. yeah this place is pretty bad but that is hwy i stay. there are some people out there that are way harsher than i am. but those peoples are trolls and flamers, i know sometimes it is hard not to call some one stupid, but it should be avoided when possible. wicca kinda collides with vampirism negatively, and most of them might as well be Christians in their reactions as i have seen people shunned etc.

im more olf fashioned i am actually a christian vampire. both are separate , vampirism has nothing to do with religion. only energy manipulation could remotely be connects to witch craft. but i am not a psyvamp
D, ,
At 6:05am on January 13, 2012, D, , said…
vampiric wicca. why not sangiomancy. they are both pretty much bs, you look like angelus to me ,i might have to read some of what you got there. while i do not see vampirism and wicca fitting, i do dislike role players . your in the right place to find them
D, ,

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