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So, What's WRONG with me, huh??

Started Apr 14, 2010

cna you help me?

Started Mar 14, 2009



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Posted on May 25, 2009 at 10:35am 1 Comment

i just wanna say "sob." the reason is........... i don't wanna talk about that.

it still uploaded yet.

Posted on February 6, 2009 at 4:39am 0 Comments

i guess i have to wait until next monday. depressed.

i think i'm definatly a geek.

Posted on February 6, 2009 at 3:11am 0 Comments

in case looking on my photos on this blog.

Skins S3 E2.

Posted on February 3, 2009 at 1:31am 1 Comment

Effy is just a goddess!!


Posted on January 27, 2009 at 9:50pm 1 Comment

i't was asian new year's day. i have to go somewhere else that there's no computer and everything except the book i brought. there's just unbearable. but i feel sort of happy cos i need not go there this september-i have to study some things lol

anyways, recent days were just crap.

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At 7:15pm on April 17, 2010, Grey Wolf DarkHeart† said…
Yeah it's a great place but in a way swiss are like english - If a foriegner doesn't understand an english person, they speak r e a l l y s l o w l y
with the swiss, they start speaking 'high' german (normal german) instead of swiss-german lol
but as a warning alot of stuff is really expensive, and don't stay in Zurich unless it's a night for looking round, or cuz you gotta go home early the next day, because it is expensive as F*** compared to the rest of switzerland
At 3:58am on April 17, 2010, Grey Wolf DarkHeart† said…
Oh crap haha

-2nd cousin shiela, jenene, and i can't remember shiela's borther's name oops ronald or something (and shiela's friend susan)
-dads cousins + husbands margeret/patrick and regena/earnst
-my cousins corola and natascha
-dads sister (my aunt) Erika and dads brothers röbi (swiss version of robbie, short for robert) and mario and mario's wife... can't remember her name
-my 2 grandmas (grandads are dead) never learnt their names
-a bunch of my families boyfriends (but I can't remember their names and could hardly tell the difference cuz they all had the military cuts, I tihnk they still have to go into the army for a while at 18-ish)
-and Hans and a few others of dads old friends
-and Albert and another guy were regulars at the round table thing I'll explain it

cuz we stayed in earnst and regena's hotel for free almost every night and they had a restaurant downstairs and most restaurants have a normal rectangle/square tables, but ONE round table where you can just go and sit and chat to a few strangers there and Albert and another guy were regulars albert came more often though

and I also missed out the 3 waitresses
-sessel (if that's how it's spelt)
-sessel's daughter... I forget her name, began with R
-and the 3rd one's name began with M lol
At 1:07am on April 17, 2010, Grey Wolf DarkHeart† said…
generous travel essay? haha yeah right
um would you like me to enlighten oyu on a list of people I met? (I might miss out a few but I should get most lol)
At 3:54am on March 17, 2010, Grey Wolf DarkHeart† said…
[[< and once there was one town, and then it sead "Town (something)" or something and we went to town something (basically town was the name and there was a little bit extra I'm calling somehting cuz I can't remember the names) and we had to wait like 2 hours bored, by 2 abandoned little buildings and until we got on a tran, opnly one other train went past going the wrong way and it was an empty freight train lol

oh I also met alot of my famil, and I found out I'm a second-aunt (my 2nd cousin has kids)

and OMG I heard the other day you can legally marry 2nd cousins..... don't ya think that's like, creepy? haha

but dw that second cousin is a girl lol
I'll add more later but... not bothered at the mo haha
At 3:49am on March 17, 2010, Grey Wolf DarkHeart† said…
That's okay
what entrance? lol
Trip to Switzerland was awesome.... had to get up at six, woke up at 5 to that morning we left lol
We lft on the 19th and arrived in swiss time on the 20th (about 7 am. NZ time woulda been about 7pm) (AND we went back in time mwahaha) and but about 3pm (I was told to stay up really late (for the fatc i was so tired) so I would sleep better) and I was nearly dead. I'd finished my drink and and was thinking "I'm soo tired *put head back* I soo want to sleep..... No I gotta stay awake, stay awake *head foreward* but I'm soo tired *head back*" and I was told I could go to bed lol but was to be waken in half an hour but apparently dad couldn't wake me so I missed out on tea that first night haha
still don't know what we had haha
We stayed at my dad's cousin's hotel (we used 2 rooms I had my own yay lol) and we had tea there alot, one night we had horse + chips. (I have to admit horse is really good) but apparently human tastes like horse.... or beef only sweeter. horse is beef, only sweeter. I'm still not sure if it really was horse I had.... haha
and I had goat the next night but it was kinda plain and not as good....
Umm.... dad got travel insurance for the FIRST time in his life, and f***, he needed it! his partner wendy went to hospital on the 3rd night (or second) and was admitted straight away cuz she had gall stones, and the total cost by the time we left was about CHF$30,000 (swiss francs)
and I alsop met HEAPS of my family, but wendy in hospital slowed our trip down so I didn't get to visit my friend sarah in germany ='(
I haven't seen her for over a year it's really sucky
and soz not really bothered to write about the whole trip lol we had lots of train rides, they're really precise but in one station we missed a train JUST BECAUSE we went to the wrong side to get to our platfor then had to walk the whole way back and the train passed around then lol
At 8:02am on July 13, 2009, Grey Wolf DarkHeart† said…
big difference, eh? lolz
At 8:02am on July 13, 2009, Grey Wolf DarkHeart† said…
that would be awesome except I can't excatly go to korea anytime soon, turning 14 in december.....
but telecom could really f****** EASILY make the internet fast, e.g. you could get a certain amount of internt (or infinite) at 10kb/s instead of the normal, slow 5kb/s! omfg! yay! not.
apparently ours (well at least was like this a few years ago)
Auzzie was like 20-25kb/s while NZ was like 2 or 5kb/s or something. Auzzie is our second-closest neighbor.
closest is New Caladonia, about 2-4hrs away
auz is 5-6hrs
At 7:17am on July 13, 2009, Grey Wolf DarkHeart† said…
I think it's rap, and I hate rap lolz
I'll google Lacrimosa, shall I? even thoiugh i'm (at the moment) getting a shitload of pics, mainly desktop size....
but i can't load 2 pics at once, it goes really slow.
usually our internet IS f****** slow but sometimes goes a little faster, + once every 30 days we get 10gb of much faster internet and (apart from the fact that at the mo it won't work on MY account) we can have almost all the torrents on utorrent running and it still goes relatively fast! yaay!! lolz
At 7:04am on July 13, 2009, Grey Wolf DarkHeart† said…
P.S. yes Seeed DOES have 3 eee's in it
At 6:59am on July 13, 2009, Grey Wolf DarkHeart† said…
only german band I know is Seeed (rap - hate it) and Blind Guardian. and I only THINK they're german cuz my sis told me but I always thought they were spanish.
could be wrong.
also MOST songs are in english anyway. theres a few non-english versions of some though.....

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