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Started this discussion. Last reply by Ashley <3 Apr 29, 2009.

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So much to think of.. so much too worry about, So little time there is left...

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Feb 4, 2010
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Dec 1, 2009
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Nov 24, 2009
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May 29, 2009
Rosealie replied to Bree's discussion Do we belong? in the group Realm for Fairies
"Darling,, you may not be Fae. Although you may. Confusing really. I am not a vampire though in the same way I am.... I really can't give you much advice, but please check this out. This is part of what I am... It seems familiar. But again you…"
May 29, 2009
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"I'm very happy to be at your help. Best of Luck - Rose"
May 5, 2009
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May 5, 2009
Forever~*~Charmed left a comment for Rosealie
"thnkx oh so much! You are very helpful. I looked over the info in the site and there's only one thing I'm debating with.... "Baobhan Sith are very dangerous and evil and they act preying on human being, mostly hunters...."…"
Apr 30, 2009
Rosealie replied to Rosealie's discussion Meeting
"I really would find that funny if someone else did. from the 3 posts I got alot of help. Very very accurate. Maybe bang on? Thankyou Rose"
Apr 29, 2009
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The Cullens Or The Werewolves?

Who would you choose between the Cullens And the WewrewolvesOh and please dont say bad words in this group or it'll get you banned from this group thanx you all.See More
Apr 26, 2009
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Apr 26, 2009
♥†GothicPrincess†♥ replied to Rosealie's discussion Meeting
"I can see the future (in real life as well) so I can see what a vampire/faerie/wolf is going to be like, I can also find personal differences like what they look like, and the manorism they walk or act with, different speicies have different…"
Apr 25, 2009
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Bloodsuckers club

This is where all vamps can come and talk freely.
Apr 11, 2009

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Relationship Status:
In a Relationship
Romantic Interests:
Human, Fairy, Hybrid or Unique
About Me:
I'm really not that interesting, other than my looks and my background. Im an gwragedd annwn
I'm a psi vampire ( I think... It;s something Id like to know about )
I am physic medium and I do see the the dead.. It can be scary.
I am slim and I have brown and very nice hair. ( not to be bloating )

I am very friendly,, Not goth or emo but I am very interested in the whole phase and what it is all about.

One thing that I'm really interested in is people ( humans ) wanting to become a vampire.. Not to be rude but I normally fall out of my seat when I see all the adds.
Its not all it's said to be and it's defientley not a Twilight story.

Also, , God is a major part of my life, like I said I do not want to be with 'the devil' and I'd rather not be damned.

Must be that fairy in me...

Oh and Darling,
Even if this is online, I am able to sense lies... Please don't tell me your a ( lets say Vampire ) and it turns out, I can tell, your just a human trying for attention.
I don't like that.. expecially role players :P
Favourite Music/Books/Movies:
I like almost everything except I do love a good picture book once in awhile; I really like to write and read. It's something I could see myself doing when I get a bit older. To write my own books.

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At 8:59pm on December 20, 2010, Mistress Monsoon of Dark Ice said…

i can help you with the vampire thing iam the 5th renecarnations of a japaness vampire empress, if you put a pic of the parm you write with in your pics i can tell you most are renecarnations you mite be one most are if the think it or kind of feel it

At 7:45am on April 30, 2009, Forever~*~Charmed said…
thnkx oh so much! You are very helpful. I looked over the info in the site and there's only one thing I'm debating with.... "Baobhan Sith are very dangerous and evil and they act preying on human being, mostly hunters...."
Although I can agree a little with "mostly attracted to hunters (as their clothes might smell of blood) and to young men out after dark." (lol?)
idk! It sounds so much like what my issue is but....I've never attacked anyone...not that I know of....
At 4:35pm on April 29, 2009, Ashley <3 said…
At 4:06am on April 8, 2009, arrabella amore` said…
how did u go, R, with that reply]>?

wozzit ok..

howz canada...my unkl livz in bannf & i shared a house while i woz at uni with a punk girl from near ontario..


butterflies r free...
so 2 should i b.

forest storm
At 5:07am on March 31, 2009, arrabella amore` said…
hey rosealie,
just read your post in th grp...

.herez wot i hav 2 say...i feel this iz 2 personal & sacred 4 a human 2 answer 2u unless u r th kind who dealz in fairies az a fantasy/sexist concept/just a story....wich i don't blieve u r..

i've been in2 fairies for ova 30 yearz since i was about 5 yo.....

first thing iz a quik & ez test 2 chek what u want 2 kno & other fairic related questions...

second thing i will giv u(due 2 th fact u mention stormz & fairiez) iz th story(dedd tru)of how i came 2 b fairic & th enlightment of my identity & earthly role az a fairic human(4 reazunz 2 big 2 go in2 here, i believe that humans can only eva act az a portal 2 th fairy realmz wher th tru fairies r; that these 'fairic' humanz can only resembl fairiez & carry out a human version of their livez in our realm)

so here goez......


1st, this is all mi beliefz only...

2nd, not every1 travlz th same fairic path...

3rd, tri not confuse romantic fiction/fake lore with reality.

now mi beliefz wich shood hopefuly help u...i blieve that mortal humanz can only b fairic(thanx 2 many dreamz & enlightment during a trance of meditation.)but most people say fairy when they r refering 2 a fairic human or sum1 who iz in2 fairiez...

az 2 wetha u wood kno if ur a fae(fairy)[wich 2 me meanz a fairic human, u digg??]...
lookin simila can b fairic az fairic humanz(2 your termz, fairies themselvz) bcum truly fairic bi a transposition/posession of a true fairies'(who livz, 2 mi blief in anotha realm-i had dreamz & enlightenment wich showed me this-no s***) soul...you dig wot i'm sayin, sam, thiz iz 4 real....thus your thoughts, actions & experiences becum aligned with th personality of a fairy...due 2 this, th posession, over time your physical features can change.but it might not b that, it might b just th way u were born..

but wot seemz 2 botha u most iz coming 2 b sure if u r or r not....

there izz an e.z way 2 find out thiz sam....takez only a minute....az a witch & fairicly conectd soul, i giv u th folowing way...follo theze directions;

1..concentrate & think of th planet az a whole living being..
2..in thiz state of mind, think of th question of whether u r fairic & think it 2 wardz th concept in your mind of th planet..
3..in th same way, propel a request by thought 2 your concept of the planet for a sign 2 answer your question..

u dig?
i'm not loony, just spiritually centred & tru..


the Lismore virtual spiritual experience/th fairic revelationz/The gathering;

thus i named lismore mi fairic birthplace…
lying in bed on a balmy wet season evening, I felt a blackend blanket like aura around me which xtendd out 2 th surrounding hills(lismore sits in th middle of a massive old & extinct volcanic crater);th weatha was pre-storm windy & tense. For 4-10 mins, a slight eerie wind like noise seemd 2 circle th crowns of th surrounding crater mountains as th windz from th storm rose up & sum light rain fell; rising very slowly in a crescendo; providing a heady emotiv euporia within me 2 rise in unision.ova th next 40 minutes this rose until it sounded like a booming, howling drawn out scream, with interwoven wailing & m******.
Gradually a formless yet moving dark & night sky like apparition seemd 2 swirl circularly around th hill crowns in sync with & as part of th wind. Within it I could distinguish(slowly over a period of almost 10 mins) fairic entities, travelling at awesome speeds-10-14 feet tall with tendrilic hair,dresses & wingz-throwing back their heads with wide maddened eyes, sometimes almost noiselessly screaming(due 2 the wind). Th whole xperiens evoked a heady, speedy & euphoric emotiv rush in syncwith th swirling.
I was informd by th planet that I was entering a time of fairic development; now my**soul wood b periodicaly transposed with a fairies soul which wood giv me fairic physical development as well as fairic enlightment-for a time it would b a confusory state of existence until th fairic fully spiritually blended with my soul.although th events that I could see & feel were actually happening around me, they were truly th xperiences of th other fairy.i receivd all th thorts, perception etc & will continue 2 do so-this state of existence iz aparntly
th closest in human realms 2 th tru fairies who live in otha unknown(by us) realms; it is fairic(otha term fairid)-th only kind of fairy xsistens within our mortal & human realm.

now i bliev i'm fairic(which 2 othaz iz their meaning of fairy) az th fairiez i've seen in dreamz(like yours) & visions all hav physical wingz;i can b like them(ears, features, etc)but i wood b a fool, az i don't hav wingz, 2 call myself a fairy.....but that's just mi persnl belief.


butterflies r free...
so 2 should b we.

forest storm

if u want, email me 2 tell me wot your sign(or any furtha signz u askd 4) was/were, or 2 ask me more fae based questions

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