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just hear it....

i hear the call of the pure blood in me.

i hear the song that angels sing.

i hear the earth crying over so much destruction upon her.

i hear the hearts of the lost souls that only cry in the darkness.

i touch you and feel you and cry with.

i cant do nothing about it i can just sit here and cry.

i can only stand by your side and try to protect you with my life.

earth is calling for are help.

please please don't hurt me more..the tears just fall… Continue

Added by mari.. on October 10, 2009 at 5:39pm — 1 Comment

Light and Dark

Their is darkens and light all around but not everyone sees it. Open your heart and see the world with hope for a better one. Don't go back to the nightmares that hunted you for so long. Ge out of your room and experiment with every part of you body that God gave you to live it. Is okay to cry, and scream and is okay to laughs to. That's how is suppose to be. There's no light without darkness there's no black without white, so don't go around asking so much questions that are in just one place… Continue

Added by mari.. on August 5, 2009 at 12:45am — No Comments

i am

i am a lost soul on the darkness of my hell.

i wonder it i one day i will find my heaven.

i hear a voice calling my name when the wind blows.

i see some one in my dreams looking for me.

i wan to find my heaven.

i am a lost soul in the darkness of my hell.

i pretend that everything is okay.

i feel how I'm dieing everyday bu the seconds pass.

i touch my soul with the tears of my heart.

i worry of who will be the one that finale kills me.

i… Continue

Added by mari.. on July 13, 2009 at 3:54pm — No Comments

what is life about?

what is life about? what do we really know about it? how can we live true it? what is life about? is about life and dead. is about how strong you are. is how, with, or who you live it with. what is life about? is not about playing games and having fune all the time because im prety sure thats not all that happens. is how you live it and what you learn from it every day. how you live life and the decisions you make will make you somo one or something in the future. don't close your hear don't… Continue

Added by mari.. on July 13, 2009 at 3:53pm — No Comments

lite angels falling

they come they go but they are always there by your side.

close your eyes and see with your heart their they are.

feeling alone is not the worse that been in alone.

they look after us all the time they tell us not to do it or what can happen if we do it.

never fear for what cant happen next that's whey life works.

we have to see with the heart not with the head.

sometimes feeling that you don't know were to go, who to ask that's when you close your eyes and hear… Continue

Added by mari.. on April 6, 2009 at 11:21pm — No Comments


Dedicate it to my mom Natalya...

Why does it hurts when we wait for our love ones?, why do sometimes we fall on to destiny lies that makes us think we have found the love of our lifes but its not it?, thats when we have illusions of things that aren't truth?. why is life so hard?, why isn't love always real? why when we look for that important thing in our life we cant find it? but thats how life is, we have to wait for the right one for us, the one who has all our answers,the answer to… Continue

Added by mari.. on April 6, 2009 at 12:14am — No Comments

it is..

maria is my name.
it is the number 5.
it is like a shiny apple.
running around with my friends at the park makes my day all the time.
sleeping in my mom arms feeling so peaceful and secure.
though me honesty and to be strong.
maria is my name.
never give up on what you believe. always fight for what you wan on life.

Added by mari.. on April 6, 2009 at 12:13am — No Comments

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