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Tonight, you're burning out
I can see it in your eyes
The stars look grim
And you say you want to end your life

Their words collect like nightmares
And crawl into your bed
You reach out for comfort
Your hands come back full of rejection instead

This is the not the way things were ever intended to be
So, give me all your burdens
Hurt me, break me
Put all your pain on me

Four leaf clovers
Charred, discarded
Crushed and beaten brow
Still clutching at the fragments of that green
And luck that just ran out

Depression makes a nasty beauty
Decorates your wrists
No one said it'd be easy
But it shouldn't come to this

So, dig your nails into my flesh
And scream your agony loud
Love me hard and tear my skin
Your soul is crying out

Its voice so weak, strained
Just say my name
Before you burn out tonight
Call for me, baby
I won't let you go,
go and end your life

Just put your fists to my throat
And give a jaded squeeze
Kick me
Spit me out the acid they feed you
Beat me to my knees

Don't you know I love you?
Break me, make me bleed
Hurt me bad
Its okay
You can put your pain on me

I will love you just the same
Put all your pain on me

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Comment by Little half-vampire soul on April 17, 2008 at 10:32pm
how inspiring this poem is..it's exactly what a person in love would do if they see their lover in agonizing pain. i even agree with you every step of the way. (that rhymed lol)

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