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Why Did You Betray Me Father? (different version but kinda like the original lol)

Did you think about your family when you commited your crime?
Do I haunt you like you haunt me in my mind?
Why did you do it? did i do something wrong?
Do you know that you hurt me so bad that now i'm like a heart-broken song?
Was your life so bad with us that you had to run into the arms of another woman?
I know that I have to forgive you because your not perfect and your only human...
Was I a bad child so you left me alone?
I thought you were always there for me but then one day you never came home.
I thought i knew you inside out.
But when I found out what you did I thought my heart got cut out.
My mother loved you with every fiber of her being.
Now you are so pathetic you are not even worthy of seeing.
I hate you so much I wanna send your soul straight to hell.
I have so much anger inside me that I can no longer scream or yell.
I can't stop l***** you no matter how hard I try, but i mostly love my mother.
All I have to ask is why, why did you betray me father?

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