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Abandoned and kicked out of the Love Dimension, The darkness calls

Look at those who are in the love dimension, you know who they are. They are the ones who you see in malls, shopping centers, even regular shops you visit. What is the love dimension? The love dimension is when you and someone your in love with and them in love with you are in. You can see it in couples at these places. Their future, is there own. It doesn't matter what happens to either of them, as long as they are together. That's the power of the love dimension. Nothing can really stop them...they fear nothing because they have each other. As for our dimension this so called reality, we may have friends family and a good future ahead of us..but theres something missing...and they have found that. Now, lets say you were in that dimension, and suddenly kicked out. Imagine that feeling of loss. That's how it was and sometimes it is with me and my memories of my ex-girlfriend Amber. Now time is supposed to heal all wounds...and it does, but its not always permanent. Weather changes, weather that you remember brings back memories of the happyness you had with this person, the total feeling of content and how you'd be with her always. It's a kind of fake happyness you feel, when remembering...because you know that the person ...the person who they were and loved you is gone and they just left you.
Then comes the soothing yet very harmful darkness. You allow it to cover your soul. It feels better then the hurt. But at the same time you are devoid of real emotion, you are but a shell of yourself....but its better that way, for the hurting is way worst. But you trek on... and you hope you can find someone who will show you the same love again and save you from the haunting memories of that b****, who totally just dropped you into the abyss and doesn't even give a s***. But I say never give up hope. Theres gonna be another. And once your with them, those old memories that you had that were originally great feeling and are now daggers that attack your very essence of being...will be destroyed. And from that comes the possibility of not just access to the love dimension again, but maybe just maybe...True love and happyness.

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Comment by Spacecadet on June 28, 2009 at 4:17pm
i avoid relationships because of this trauma...i simply cant handle it

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