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Halloo! I'm Issaiah Riku. Technically, I'm roughly 130 years old, I was born in 1877, so I suppose it'd be 133 years old. um, I'm about 6'4, frozen at 16, male, born september 9, and that's just general stuff about me. Two of my coven members are on here, Charlotte Monroe (my really, really long time girlfriend) and Greg Ashton (I'm his mentor, but we're pretty much best friends.) the rest of my coven stayed in California. Um, I love anime, mostly death note, I still watch some cartoons, just because they're awesome, but not the really little kid ones like spongebob or whatever. That stuff s****. The type of music I like unfortunetly relates more to high school girls, but whatever. I'm sorry, but I love owl city in a completley non-creepy way. He's just amazing. Dental Care is the BEST. That and Bird and the Worm. Fireflies is good, it's just a little overplayed, a lot overplayed. I used to read constantly, but not so much anymore. Um, Oh, I was born in england, probably should've thrown that in there a little bit sooner. I really don't know what else to say, so just tell me if u want to know more!

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