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this one is a little different fom my other double poem... hope you like it =D


the fallen angel crys to me,
i hear his words surounding me,
when i look he is no where to be seen,
my fallen angel where could he be,
his voice so clear his pain so near,
his screams cut deeper into my skin,
where could my fallen angel be,
to touch him to love him,
what a silly thought,
but only to be close to him,
to conjure up all my pain..


to scream for her,
to look for her,
to bleed all over my self,
will she find me,
will she come,
will i be here all by my self,
the words i scream the words i cry,
only she will hear,
to be close to her is my wish,
to touch and taste her lips,
she will come and i will take her,
and she shall see all my pain...

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